Faith Risking


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

~Alice in Wonderland




I have this make-up case that I adore, but I noticed that the little dividers inside of it were starting to fall apart. Every morning when I looked at the make-up case, I felt the Lord calling me deeper into a revelation. I noticed that the dividers were attached by velcro and after I removed the broken dividers, there was so much more space for me to fill with beautiful things.




Holy Spirit began speaking to my spirit out of Isaiah 54: 2-4 about letting go of the old things to make room for the new. He was also saying to not worry about those fears of suffering the same way, because those painful times were over and needed to be forgotten from my forward faith journey. 




Continuing the conversation, the Lord said, “If you want to see those big dreams come to life, your going to have to stop playing it safe and take action”. He has been telling me that I need to let go of every trace of doubt that has been attached to those difficult memories of the past because He wants to fill up the cleared space with even greater blessings of answered prayers that go beyond my highest hopes and expectations. 




Recently, my oldest daughter was blessed with a new vehicle. She allowed me to use the old junky car that she had been driving. The old car is very hazardous with blinkers that do not work and disastrous repairs that needed to be made. We were advised by a mechanic that the car is not worth putting any money into it with repairs because repairs far exceeded the meager value.  




While praying about what I should do, I came across a testimony of a man who had an old beat-up car that no longer was worthy of running. His mother advised him repeatedly to let go of the old car in order to receive the new car that he had been proclaiming by faith. Eventually, the man got the revelation that he needed to make room for the blessing and he let go of that old beat-up car. Not long at all after letting go of his older car, the man was blessed with the new car of his dreams. 




When I thought about giving up that junky old car, I was terrified. I was scared to let go because that would mean letting go of the safety that I was holding onto. One of the main reasons that I wanted the car was in case we had to suffer the past again. If we had no way to pay for our room, I was comforted by the thought of retreating to the car for shelter for us and our belongings. 




However, that way of thinking was killing my promises from God, because I was leaning into doubt about what God had spoken. If you have been following the love letters recently, then you are aware that they are loaded with the comforts of promises for abundant provisions. If we are holding onto doubt, instead of risking by faith to hope again, then there is no space for those blessings to fit.




One thing that I have been learning throughout this journey is the kind of faith that manifests the miraculous requires action. It takes courage to step through our biggest fear as an act of trusting God and taking Him at His word. It is completely necessary to apply our faith as an act of trust. That kind of faith walking will always stand on top of the fear of falling into a dreadful circumstance. It is by applying our faith with total trust that we will see those dreams and answered prayers become a present reality to tell about. 




Today I am working through letting go of this security blanket in order to take the risk of seeing the impossible become possible. I am going to tell myself to trust God at His word, no matter how fearful the fall looks. I am also going to remind myself how far He has taken me and my kids and that He is not going to let us down. I am going to work on letting go of every trace of doubt from those old memories, no matter how scary it may seem. Thank you for walking with me!






Dannette Lynn



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So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead). James 2:17