Love Letters

My Daughter’s Song


A love song from the Father. 




Sit here with me and I’ll sing you your song. It’s that same melody that you’ve heard all along.



It’s the song that I made when you first crossed my mind. When I pondered and saw that this world was unkind. “I know what I’ll do! Yes, I know what they need!”-a kind baby girl, who I’ll trust with My key!



She’ll carry My heart and this song she will sing. To a world that is desperate-My love, she will bring. What a beautiful girl! My treasure! My only! You’re one of a kind! Pure-spotless and holy!



Now to carry My love is to feel and to mourn. To see through the dark-My people reborn.



So listen to Me, my baby girl. You’re a diamond! A gem-My daughter, my pearl!



I’ll block out these screams, those cries, and the noise. I’ll teach you, My love, through your song-it’s your choice. I don’t sing really loud yet my voice doesn’t stumble, it sounds like your heartbeat-a slow, steady rumble.




I don’t make mistakes-please sit, rest, and listen.
You’re a lily at dawn-when you trust Me, you glisten! I am your Maker, your Husband, your Friend. OnIy I know your days from beginning to end.




I see your pain, and I feel your deep grief.
For it’s My heart you carry-My love is not cheap!
It cost me my Son-my sweet, precious Boy! But I’d give Him again and again for this joy!



The joy that I speak of-I’ll explain if you’ll listen! I’ll open your ears and sing in a whisper. I’ve heard you, I’ve seen you, I’ve known from the start. From the second I formed, and created your heart!



But now YOU know ME because of the tree, and because of the blood that was shed there for free! Now quiet your mind so your heart can heal-as I sing you your song-it’s My love you will feel.



See this is the joy I spoke of before, that YOU can know ME-it’s no longer a chore! This is the mystery concerning my Son, who defeated it all! He now sits on His throne.




So yes, you are special and precious, you see? Cause now you can hear Me, and feel Me, and see! Please stay here and rest in my love made for you. Just like Cinderella-you’ll find your lost shoe! I’ve waited so long, an infinite time! It’s now a duet! It’s your song and our rhyme!




Love, your Father



Scribed by Katie Gazboda




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