Love Letters

Become Hopeful


A love letter from Jesus. 



Become hopeful My dear, I will show you many wonders. Like one who has been deeply injured, I am pulling you close to show you My compassion. You will be instantly relieved of the affliction and I will give you rest from the source of your troubles. 


You are on the fastest available route and soon you will experience an expansion that will reach beyond what you can fathom. Without a single worry, allow your faith to rest on the authority of My promise. The rumbling that you hear is only proof that the rains of blessings are near. 


Good things are going to happen. Because you have tapped into My faithfulness by trust, you will be filled and your nets will never be empty again. Right before your eyes, I will restore your long lost treasures. You will be a true testimony of one who has reached the experience of My abundance. 


With radical grace, go on and celebrate how your hopes will come true! Begin to think as if your prayer has already been answered and anticipate My goodness. Use the power of faith to impart yourself with My blessings. Stretch up onto your toes with child-like enthusiasm as you become generous with expectation. 


Put faith in your hopes and draw up pools of water to put out the fires. I am loyal and I have promised to bless you, that you may be a blessing. Trust that I have heard you and start expecting its arrival. Anchor every thought in a hopeful outcome. 


I will never fail to satisfy your deepest desire. Rest in what you hope for and prepare for the floods of love to flow out. With lavish provisions and soul smiling elation, you will be bathed in the continuous streams of quenching comfort and relief that will completely consume every misery and agonizing trouble. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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