Love Letters

Even More Love


A love letter from the Father



I understand your worries and it is going to be okay. The tides of change are washing away the persistent pain and unrelenting warfare. What used to be is being replaced with what is, as My love comforts and calms you from the threat of every fear. 


You will feel much better as I lighten your load and remove the outside pressures. Like water making ripples in the sand, I am completely flooding away the torment of not having enough and the unbearable pain from constant attacks. Change is here to help you forget the anguish that you have known.


Get lost in the patterns of My faithfulness as I satiate you with the richest encounters of My favor and hidden endowments from My hand. My loyal protection and loving provision will never fail you or let you down. You are being filled with even more loving provisions in the midst of every single attack. 


Your troubles are being washed away by the shimmering waters of an endless oasis of love. You will have all that you need and plenty left over to share with others. Expect to be thrilled beyond your wildest dreams and bubble up with happy thoughts.


Let your heart explore the infinite depths of My abundance, there is no end to My lavish provisions and there is more than you can imagine in a single drop. There will be more than you can hold on your own until you are pouring over and over. 


Unique beauty is emerging at this moment–welling up and overflowing with above and beyond all that you hope. The high waters are crashing in with even more love to drench and satisfy your soul. 




Written by Dannette Lynn

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