Love Letters

Flowing Forward


A love letter from Jesus



No more tears, no more crying. I will answer your prayers and save you from the need that is coming. Entrust yourself to My care and donโ€™t be afraid. Trust My provisions to flow up like a bubbling fountain when you need it.ย 


A river of My endless love is moving within you and there is nothing that can stop My blessings from getting to you time after time. Reassure your soul and say, โ€œMy Savior will help meโ€.ย 


I will battle against those who have been battling you.ย See, I will rescue you and in the face of such grace, your thankfulness will rise up. Truly, you will feel My love, grace, and power flowing within your every step.ย 


Take a deep breath all over again. Inhale the peace of unwavering faith and exhale out all doubt. Know that your request has been granted and feel the relief of an undeniable answer. Walk with confidence and receive the prayer now as if it was done.ย 


Enjoy the freedom to live fearlessly. I will do for you as you believe. My unfailing love is always before you to deliver messages of joy instead of news of doom or dread. Shake off the hesitations and trust in My inexhaustible supply.ย 


As a river only moves forward, expect new experiences to be better from how they were. The pain of the last experience will be turned around. Instead of going through the agony of before, you will experience the opposite with a pain-free ending.ย 


Good things will happen for you, as I ceaselessly provide and give you great delight and uncontained joy. My words will manifest to soothe your wounds, like healing aloe vera applied to burns. My love will pour out to put out the flames from those pressures that surround you.ย 


Even more goodness will abound to you, as My free-flowing channel keeps moving forward. It will be even better! Just wait and see!


I will give you something super sweet to make up for the hurt and suffering that you experienced before, You will be pleasantly surprised, as the river of My love relentlessly flows forward to provide you with more and more.ย 





Scribed by Dannette

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