Love Letters

Hope Will Find a Way


A love letter from the Father. 



The Almond tree is the first tree to blossom in the late winter and the last to bear fruit, which can signify a time of waiting, even to the final hour. It is an emblem of activity, as the Word of God is alive and active. The Hebrew word translated for Almond means “to watch”. The Almond is a sign of hope that God is faithful to manifest His word, even in the strongest opposition. The Strong’s word for this Hope is “cord or attachment”. Hope in God’s word is connected to what He Promised. To have hope is to have a confident expectation in the waiting. Ultimately, to hope is to trust the Promise Maker.



“I am actively watching over My word of promise to bring it to pass, no matter how late it gets. I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it. My timing is not your timing, as the branch I see is not the branch that you see. I can see the full picture, not just a part. Things may not make sense at the moment, but as you get further along you will see the picture as a whole and how beautifully I brought it all together.


Because there is hope, take rest in the safety of hope to keep from fainting. Your hope in My word is attached to the promise. Keep trusting in Me, fix your heart on My promises and your soul will be secure. Deep pressure is needed to release the deep tension of fear and doubt, making your faith in Me even stronger than before. Trust Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. I can change everything in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, all things can come perfectly together.


There is hope for a tree if it is cut down, at the scent of water it will come to life and the branches will shoot out. When the desire comes it will be a tree of life and the fruit will be a delight. Expect fulfillment of what you long for, ache for it to come. Keep hope alive as you wait for Me to manifest what I have spoken. I will restore your soul like a fountain of promise springs up to satisfy your desires. In My light, you see the light of revelation flourish, as My unfailing love pours out.


I am a Good Father, My ways are always perfect. Drop the extra weight of negative thinking and trust Me completely with sweet surrender. Don’t try to force the promise to happen, just believe and let it flow. My word is alive within you producing My desired fruit. As leaves permanently etched in stone, the dream that I promised is still yours. Hope is connected to your promise, as a tree is to the root. Just trust in My timing with confidence in who I am for you and hope will find a way”.




Written by Dannette Lynn



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