Faith Stories

Even More Blessed



After going through seriously difficult faith tests this week–back to back–I crashed. For a moment I lost my faith and forgot my promise. I made a complete fool of myself and it made me never want to open my mouth again. 


However, God showed up, just as He promised and He rescued us and paid for the room. Not only did He pay for the room, but He paid the whole month in full. 


There were some ugly souls that took advantage of my imperfect moments and started an attack full of negative slander and accusation after I wrote about the Friends of Refreshing program. 


The thing is, I had encountered God and He was the one who told me to do the program and He even told me to label it a partnership and what to name it. 


Last night I met with Holy Spirit and He was telling me about the accusations happening and He said to not even worry about it. Those people think that they are hurting me and my ministry, but they are only sowing unpleasant things upon themselves. 


Not only that, but they are revealing and exposing their own jezebel mindset that needs to be healed and delivered. 


Even though I failed this time, I am still in good with God and He still loves me just as much. I would like to see those people who sit on the sidelines throwing out stones of criticism to even try to walk through this level of faith-testing. 


My guess is they wouldn’t even make it a minute. For 5 years I have lived in beautiful homes that God has chosen for me on no income whatsoever. It was all paid for by my promise from God. 


God didn’t stop loving me just because I got a little weak in my faith. Instead, He poured out even more grace to me. Because this is not about me. It’s all about His love rescuing me time and time again. 


It is all about showing people the unconditional and unwavering love of God. I am not going to be negatively affected by other people’s unhealed souls of jealousy and hate. The one accusing is always the one guilty of the accusation–just saying. 


As a matter of fact., this ministry will continue to grow and be blessed off the charts. I will continue to be wrapped in the beauty of Christ and prospered both in my soul and in my life. 


So that is all I have to say. I had some righteousness of God rising up within me and I had to share this and let it out before the words of God consumed me. 


It’s kind of funny because the enemy always thinks that this low level of attack will hurt me. But the truth is, it is a blessing. Because the more I am attacked and persecuted the more the glory of God fills me and increases both within and outwardly. No weapon formed against me (or you) will prosper, period. 


I pray that you are so exceedingly blessed today that even your enemies are speechless and put to shame. 


Love you guys tremendously!



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