Faith Stories

Carried in Comfort




Things started to get really intense and the pressure was building from all sides. The housing company was already requesting that I pay for our monthly room rate and I was getting pressured for money from so many places. 


It was frustrating and it just kept building and building. All I could see was my weakness and need and it was too much to carry. Eventually, I had all I could take and I burst into tears. I started to pray and pour my soul out to the Father. 


I said to Him,


 “Dad you made me this promise to be supported by your word and you are the one that put me here in this place. So I take all of these demands and this pressure and I place them upon you. You said that your power will flow through my need and weakness. I give you my weakness and needs and I receive a refill from your loving hands. I draw from you as My ever-present supply”. 



There were many uncommon things planned that week too. We had to do state testing for the school at a local hotel and I had so many worries about the extra food needs and extra gas too. 


I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to activate my faith by imagining that I was standing with my arms raised in total surrender and that all of my burdens and needs were being placed upon God. 


I cried a lot that day and I told God that I just wanted to be carried and taken care of like a child. I was so tired from 5 years of aggressive faith-testing and having to live in life-or-death situations. I’m sure my adrenal glands are fed up too lol. 


All I could think about was needing comfort. I remembered how it felt when I first moved into my mom’s after being abandoned by my ex-husband. I wept as I retraced my thoughts of how comforting it was to just be taken care of and to have no faith tests or struggles. 


It was a time of comfort and being loved and all of my soul was crying out for that to happen again. Not in the same way, but I just wanted to be comforted and not have to go through this right now. I wanted God to take care of my needs and not have to deal with them for a while. 


As the dreaded testing days approached, I had zero money in my account and it was really scary because my kids were counting on me to take care of them. Right before we had to go, I received a donation that was enough to cover the testing days of food and gas. 


Then I started to worry again as I looked at my grocery supply going low and before I even had time to panic, I received another donation to cover our grocery needs. 


I said, “Lord, it feels like I am being carried! Thank you so much!”. I could see that God was answering my prayers just as I prayed them and it was so wonderful and amazing to witness His personal love for us in action. 


When I went to check my emails, I had a very, very special email that made this experience of being carried the absolute best I could ever dream of. The email that I received was an Easter gift from a special friend and she revealed that she had paid our whole month’s rent!!


I cried so hard from sheer gratitude. I felt like I was on cloud 9 and like I was a kid being comforted and loved…and of course carried. All the pressure started to slip away and I could breathe again. 


By that point, I was starting to regrow faith in God to answer my prayers again because for a while I was stuck and it was difficult to even have hope. I would wake up every couple of hours at night just to thank God again and again. I needed Him to know that I was so overly thankful. 


It’s been a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows on this part of the journey. We have had to go through about 3 months of really low levels of living, where each day was a struggle to get by. I had to go back to trusting Him to deliver our daily bread and it took a toll on my optimistic faith for a while to remember His promise to us for an abundance. 


When I didn’t even have enough for the little things, I couldn’t understand how God would pay for our room fees as He promised. I had to tell myself every single day, “God generously supplies all of my needs out of His riches”. 


Then I would raise my arms up to Heaven and imagine that I was pointing all of my whole life to God as my true Source and loving supply. 


God continued to carry me through each stop. It was like we were walking along and each time there was a need, we would stop and He would show up with the promised support. 


I had so much going on, with my bills and ever-ending food needing to be replenished and gas, etc. I felt like I was constantly in need and giving it all to Him. He put it in my heart to go check the mail at the post office box and there was another refil with a check that help us get through the difficult times.


The more I transferred the pressures of my needs onto God, the more I would see Him show up to supply out of His endless promise of bottomless support. It reminded me that He told me that we have to be able to let go and trust things in His care. 


The housing company also blessed me with good news too. They said that we could continue to stay as long as needed, but we would have to pay a much, much larger amount to match their rates for the summer. 


I am hoping that our own apartment will open up soon but no matter where the path ahead goes, I’m just thankful that God will carry us along and keep His vow to richly supply it all. 


When pressure mounts up and you don’t seem to have what you need, that is when it is time to transfer the burdens to God. The pressure is also a sign that there is a blessing coming out. 


It is like when a baby is about to be born, the lower it descends into the birth canal, the more pressure the mother feels. The body has a natural response to the pressure from the new life and that is to push it out into fulfillment. 


The pressure is a signal to push it over to God. The urge to push is a natural reflex and it is almost irresistible for the mother. The pressure is the proof of God delivering another blessing and promise. It is proof that you have reached the breakthrough and that what you are hoping for has reached the surface. ♡


With much love and blessings, 





I will rain down prosperity on Jerusalem, peace abundant on Zion, and flood her with wealth from all over the world. Like a thundering river, the riches will come downLike a toddler, you’ll be held, carried, nourished, and comforted. Isaiah 66:12


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