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I recently changed my name back to my maiden name, because 8 years after my ex-husband abandoned me and we were completely separated, we finally finished a divorce. It was not what I had planned at the beginning of things, but there are many reasons that the end was a blessing. 


It was a toxic relationship and I was suffocating from fear of him. He was also constantly unfaithful, even more than I knew at the time. The list goes on and on but changing my name marked a new level of freedom for me. 


I found myself embracing all of the healing that I have undergone since things ended and also re-discovering who I am as a woman. It was bitter at first but now it is becoming sweet. 


It started to bother me that my life looked so divided though. All of my past books were written in “Dannette Lynn” and although that was not my married name, it felt incomplete. 


So I decided to write the “Naked Wings” book under my new name, “Dannette Ward”. Then I started to change things little by little under the new name. I kept going deeper and deeper into the new me. 


I changed some of my old books to the new name and I ended up re-writing them completely. I re-made my whole store to match the new name and new look, see here:


Then I decided to close the prophetic group that I made because only a couple of people ever joined and it seemed very unsuccessful. Since I made so many wonderful posts to share in the group about my experience in the prophetic, I decided to pile them all into a book. (I literally did this all in one day, LOL!). 


The book is called “Dancing in Prophetic Promise”  and it is available on my online store on my website,


Dancing in Prophetic Promise


P.S. please forgive the fuzzy image, that will be fixed tomorrow after the book is on Amazon. 🙂


It is the second edition to the original (which I just revised) called, “Ready to Release the Rain”. The book is an Ebook but I am thinking about making a physical copy as well. It should also be available on Amazon within the next day too. 


I changed the look of the soakings and I really love how things are starting to look. It makes me feel refreshed about the future that God has planned and maybe the end of that life was the beginning of all that I dreamed. 


I wanted to help you understand why I keep changing my name and assure you that I am not totally crazy haha. 


Thanks for reading today and for being so truly wonderful to me and my kids. We absolutely could not do this without you helping us as friends of God. He not only brought you into my life to share the love letters but as my cherished friends to enter into this new life together. I love you so very much and I pray you are richly blessed in more ways than one. 









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