Love Letters

The Best Thing First

A love letter from the Father



I saw your tears today from those frustrating situations that seem impossible to change.  I am stepping in to help and comfort you and I will hold onto you every step of the way. Don’t worry about all of your needs and longings, My love covers all, and there is nothing that blooms as often or as long. 


You are never alone in your needs or battles, with Me as your helping friend–you can face anything without any worries. Anything can be possible–remember that. 


Remind yourself of what I have promised and how I showed up to help you before. Weave My promises together, over and over in your thoughts. A three-stranded cord is not easily broken or undone. So forget your worries and surrender to My ever-present love. 


Place your fears into My hands and exhale out a soothing sigh. Take a big deep breath as an act of trust and receive a generous refill of My immense and endless love. 


Don’t look back or return to the painful places of the past, you have grown into an entirely new place, and don’t forget that. Remember how I burst through to help you before and how happy you were when I caused things to suddenly shift. 


Your experience of being held up by Me will always keep getting better and you’ll see the fulfillment of My promises bloom even more. Like leafy-green English Ivy, it spreads and grows to phenomenal heights after it takes root. 


The trailing vine of My promise of endless love, protection, and provisions– will always grow upwards, like climbing up a trellis of support. The vows of My love are like braided ivy cords. 


My promise to hold you up is like an anchor vine that clings to your life and protects you from the damage of high winds and other elements. It will always nourish you and support you–no matter what you do with abundant rootlets that are not easy to remove. 


Close your eyes and forget about your problems. Imagine that the support that I promised has already been delivered. 


You have already reached the uttermost heights, where anything can happen at any moment. Sit back and take easy–relief is coming! More replenishment is being released and there will be plenty more arriving in the future. 


You really haven’t seen anything yet! This is where lasting beauty begins to emerge. I have saved the best thing to be the first–as I begin to respond to your needs–and answer your prayers. 


There is much that is about to come true, as I materialize promises for you. Since I can start anywhere, I will start with the best thing first, as I deliver something that you really love and cherish above any of the rest.  



Scribed by Dannette



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