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Shifting Focus


Last year I went into the Emergency room because I was having really bad pain in my stomach area. It turned out that I had gallstones and I was referred to a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed. They said it was a very serious condition and that removing the organ was really my only option. 


I was really scared because I didn’t even know what a gallbladder was lol. I had two kids with me, we didn’t have a permanent place to live, and there was no one who could drive me to the hospital (which was a requirement for the procedure). 


So the idea of going away to do surgery and plus the recovery was not something that was easy for me to do. Plus I would have had to limit my lifting and I always had to carry tons of groceries up and down the stairs. 


I prayed about it and when I prayed, God answered. He gave me a promise of healing and He told me not to do the surgery. Then He told me that the best way to make a problem go away is to ignore it. 


Because at that time, I already had a promise of healing and I already prayed and asked God to remove the problem. 


God started to show me that when we focus on something, it makes it bigger and can even draw it to us to become materialized. When that is something that we desire, then it’s an excellent thing. 


However, it can be a bad thing if we are not careful by focusing on our fears. That is why it is so important to focus on what we hope for and God’s promises. Instead of focusing on the trouble, we should focus on the end result that we hope to happen. 


I know for myself, that whenever I have pain if I focus on that pain, it seems to get worse. That happened to me recently with a toothache. But then I refused to accept it or give it attention and the pain and problem corrected themselves after I gave it God and stopped paying attention the problem that I believed was healed. 


Back to the story… I decided to take God at His word and I canceled the surgery date. I tried to make better-eating choices (although I really didn’t do that good haha). 


Much to my surprise, the gallstones and pain went away, just as God promised that they would. God healed me and by ignoring the problem, it was dissolved to nothing. 


Only the promise remained. All I had to do was take God at His word and stop focusing on the problem. 


Our focus is like the zoom on a camera. The more we focus on something, the more we actually bring it close to us. That is why we need to focus on what God promised and not the problems, worries, or fears. 


Whenever I start fretting over worries, God always shows me the number 57 as a reminder to let them go and roll them over to Him to handle. Because 1st Peter 5:7 says, 


casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].”


I actually failed to do that recently too. I prayed for something but then I instantly counted God out and focused on my worries instead. I had zero trust in God to answer my prayer and I didn’t even give it a chance. I put my faith in my fears, instead of God’s superabundant intentional love. 


I was concentrating on the problem and by doing so, I ended up materializing the thing that I feared. 


I was so focused on the problem, that I drew that fear into fulfillment. Even if you say you don’t want something to happen, if you focus on that fear by constantly thinking about it, then you are unknowingly agreeing with it. 


It takes total focus on what God promised and trusting Him to answer our prayers. One time He told me that I could do anything that I wanted and that He would answer any prayer request. However, He said that it would only happen if I didn’t look down with negative thoughts or doubt. 


I have so many problems that have been driving me crazy lately and God reminded me of the power of focus. He showed me that we have to act like the problem doesn’t exist. Because it doesn’t when we trust God by faith to remove it. 


By faith, we need to set our focus on the end result that we hope for and not the problems or fears of all that could go wrong. Simply put, we let go and let God. We abide in His love and trust Him to fulfill the requests and promises. 


God promised that we could have what we pray for, as long we believe that we have ALREADY received it. That turns the prayer into a promise! That means that it’s already done and the problem no longer exists. So I encourage us all to stop focusing on the problems and to be joyful that God has answered our prayers instead.  🤍


I love you! 




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