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Special Request to Dad


I really didn’t know how I was going to get through the room miracle for this month. For one, I was exhausted from having my faith tested so vigorously and for so long. Secondly, the stakes were much bigger this time around. The agreement of what we would pay the housing company ended and now they are wanting us to pay for the very high seasonal rates. 


It was beyond impossible and I was in deep grief about having to go through it. I felt burned out. That burnout was affecting my prayers too. I needed to find a way to get through this faith test and I did the only thing that I could think to do, I went to God as my Dad for help. 


I entered into prayer and (of course) I was immediately weeping lol. I asked Him for a special request. For the past few months, I had always prayed that God would show up with the promised room money before the housing place reached out to me to request it. 


Because when they reach out to me and I don’t have it, it feels painful and humiliating to not be able to pay the obligation. Then, I end up having to make up excuses to hold them off and keep them happy while I wait on God. 


So my special request was 1. Early arrival and 2. That God would come before the housing place did. Of course, the obvious one also, is that God would show up to cover this promise. 


I was getting a little discouraged because the time was closing in and I knew from experience that I would hear from the housing company at any moment. God kept sending me signs of an early arrival with koalas so I still trusted and believed that He would do it. 


One of the biggest surprises ever showed up a couple of days ago and God answered my prayer. He delivered the financial promise to cover our room and it came as a gift. 


Where it gets really good is about an hour after I received the funds to cover our room, the housing company reached out to me through a text message and asked me to pay for the room. 


I cried so many happy and thankful tears. It felt beyond amazing to be able to pay them without having to feel the shame of not having the money that I needed. 


God answered my special request and not only did it save my life (because we would have had nowhere to go and no money to go anywhere) but He refreshed my faith in answering prayers. 


After going through the disappointment for so long of my prayers for Him to arrive before the housing place, I started to feel despair and hopelessness when I prayed. 


A long time ago, God took me through a strategic way of praying and He opened up many secrets about getting my prayers answered easily. I wrote about it in the wish prayer book a bit too. By the way, that book has nothing to do with wishes, but it is about the power of seeds, resting faith, and trust. 


I titled it that way because God is always challenging me to break free from religious fears and programming. Religious people are always fearful about everything. 


see books here


That very way of fearful thinking is witchcraft so it’s a really screwed up mindset because then end up being controlled by exactly what they fear and they end up becoming vessels that flow through that witchcraft, unknowingly. In the end, some of them end up being afraid of themselves, because the thing that they are avoiding, they will mentally become. 


They will purposely avoid something if they are afraid it could have a demon or witchcraft, etc. But Jesus has shown me that I can relax and not be so fearful. He has been healing me to trust Him and to trust where He has planted treasures for me. 


Anyways, I wanted to share my testimony of receiving a special request from Dad in Heaven. He answered my prayer and gave me gentleness during a time when I felt extra weary and vulnerable. 


I still am believing Him to fill some needs, like getting groceries and paying my phone bill. But knowing that the room is paid for is the happiest thing for me. After going through this for so long, nothing gives me more peace than to have a place of refuge and comfort for myself and my kids. 


I love that God knows what we need and He will bend down to answer the special requests that we bring. Especially, when we come to Him like little children that believe that He will respond. 


Much love to you and I pray that plentiful miracles rain down for you all month long–and then some! 


Love, Dannette 

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