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Finding Refuge



I was sorting through our belongings and I had to let go of so many things because we didn’t have a vehicle or a place to keep anything. There was a dumpster behind that small little motel and I said “goodbye” forever as I tossed bags and bags of things into that dumpster. 


There was no time to go to a donation place and I had no way to get there either. We had checked out of our hotel room because I had run out of money (or at least it looked that way). I was trying to make sure that we only had enough that we could carry. 


Two bags each…that was the rule. I had just enough money to buy us an Uber. We packed ourselves into the little Uber car and had him drop us off at the hospital in town. I was not familiar with the town, but the hospital was very well known. 


I knew that the hospital had rooms for families where we could find refuge for a little bit, while we waited on God. It was so scary because I had no one in the world to call for help. 


I had no way to get money, but I had just started this blog as an act of faith to follow God. I sat on a bench in front of that hospital with my two kids and the hardest part was not showing my fear or pain to them. 


I needed to be a source of hope and confidence that God would not let us down. I was in that place because I followed Jesus to that hotel when I was faced with being homeless. He showed me exactly what city to go to and what hotel. 


All of my life was holding onto Jesus in hopes that His promise to take care of us was true. All I had was hope and thankfully that hope was bigger than my pain. 


That was 5 years ago and the lowest point of this whole journey. After that moment, God only took us higher with each and every move of faith in His promise. God made me a promise before we left that He would be our home, that He would supply all of our needs out of His riches and that this little blog would be my income–like water in the desert. 


He has taken us to little hotels and then better hotels and even to beautiful homes and apartments. There were many times when it looked like I had no money to feed my family or to pay for our stays. Then, out of nowhere, His love would show up to save the day. Quite often that came as a donation to the ministry or a deposit into my bank account. 


The only thing that He required me to do was to be transparent and open to share all of our adventures with you and to believe in His words to hold us up. 


He would often challenge my faith by asking me to go places that were way too expensive, as a way to show Me His phenomenal power and endless supply. I had been a person who was always scared of running out of money and He was breaking that fear off of me by asking me to trust Him for huge—even massive places of support, 


Like going on a roller coaster, there have been excessive highs and extreme lows. Today is a new move on this journey, as I take a really hard leap of faith again to follow Him into the unknown. 


He showed me a specific hotel to go to and He even showed up with a person to miraculously cover it. It feels like I am trusting Him blindfolded because as I step off of this cliff, I don’t know how I will pay for our food or gas. 


It is only for a week that is paid, so I also have to try not to worry about what will happen after this week runs out. In a beautiful vision, God gave me about this time, He showed me that I would hold onto Him, like a paraglider and He would carry us to the hotel. 


The hotel is really high–as far as expensive and that is terrifying to me. It is a really steep place to trust Him and the impact of falling would be devastating, to say the least. 


In that vision, after we reached that high hotel, God carried us back to the place of an apartment–where we FINALLY get a home of our own. He showed me that a significant amount of money would show up to pay for our apartment and it would feel like Christmas morning to a child. 


I am going to be writing a love letter that He has given me about paragliding after we get settled in. Like a paraglider getting ready to soar the open skies, it requires a big leap of faith. Often that is off of a mountain cliff. 


Then the paraglider rests securely in a seated position under One big canopy. That canopy is like the glider’s refuge to keep him up in the sky and cause him to fly on the thermal updrafts of wind.


The highest point of this journey so far has been this place that we are leaving now. It is an enormous castle that is an apartment complex. It has 13 floors and when you stand on the top and look down, it is scary to one who has a fear of heights. 


I feel like I am standing on the edge today, preparing to let go of my fears and worries—in order to trust God to carry us once again under His refuge. I am holding onto His promises with a white-knuckle grip, like a paraglider holding onto the handles overhead. 


Please pray for us as we let go once again to trust God to keep His promises. This moment feels just as terrifying as the first day. I am counting on God to show with all that we need, even though I cannot see anything just yet.


I am also praying and believing that this is the final chapter–where our promised home opens up. Thank you for your generous love and I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 




Love, Dannette 



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For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings [where I am always protected], I sing for joy.

Psalm 63:7

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