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Just in the Nick of Time


I am writing this post to share the really unique details of this last faith test for our room. Before I start, I just wanted to share something with you all. 


When I share the raw details of what we are needing or what we are facing or any of the other circumstances of our journey, I am doing so because God asked me to be clear and transparent about it all. 


He wanted me to paint a true-to-life picture to show the world what He has been doing for us in a way that is multi-dimensional and real. The good and the bad, the hard and the easy. 


The Lord wants to show people both the hard parts and the blessings of living this kind of faith surrendered type of lifestyle to encourage and prepare others to trust Him with everything and to reveal His ever-present power to help. 


It is not to try to twist anyone’s arms to give us money or beg for help, although God does send us help through His all-abandoned lovers to help and bless our calling and reveal His hand of support. That is what love does–love is endless and generous and not self-seeking. It always believes the best in one another. 


Lately have been a bit selfish by not wanting to share. I deleted my posts on social media and often shut off my account to get away from the pressures of being exposed. It is a huge fear for me to overcome. It means coming out of my comfort zone to share my life openly with anyone– both kind and unkind people. 


I have struggled so much to do this and yet I know that it is what God has asked me to do. When I share a post like this, it is entirely out of obedience and not desire. I have to put away that selfish part of me that wants to stay alone every time and choose God’s ways to share just like a candle that burns in the darkness. 


When I do share, it is both painful and a blessing. It is painful because it is overcoming my fears and it is a blessing because that is where I see the most fruit. 


It is humiliating to me to live this way and it hurts when God asks me to go somewhere that is expensive because I don’t think many people could understand the big picture of what He is doing through it all. 


He is helping me to trust in His endless support to break out into an abundance and it is something that those with a poverty-type mindset could not understand or feel comfortable with. 


God has been setting me free from a poverty mindset and teaching me to see that His support is endless and vast as a bottomless ocean. It never runs out. Living in an abundance means overcoming the mindsets of lack, fear, and doubt.


There are some people who use other people’s weaknesses as a place to attack–which is so shameful I might add. Yet God uses our weakness as a portal of blessing and displaying His power. When we are weak, we are strong from Him. That is what miracles are all about.  🙂 


I was supposed to check out this morning and by faith, I had made a reservation for the next week a few days ago. I made the reservation while not having any idea how God would have me pay for it. I had until 11:59 p.m. last night to cancel the room before it was locked in. 


If I didn’t have the money in time or couldn’t cancel the room it would have been a huge problem with no way to cover it, not to mention super embarrassing to endure. 


I decided that if I didn’t see God’s promise to cover the week show up by 11:30 p.m. (last night) I would cancel the reservation and prepare to check out. I spent hours and hours thinking about how I hoped things to turn out because that is what God showed me to do the night before. 


I meditated on His promises non-stop as well. One of His promises to me regarding homes/hotels etc is that we are connected to an emerald lake of His rich support and that we can always afford to pay for any place that He takes us. 


The room we are in actually has an emerald-looking design in the shower and every time I see it, I am reminded of that promise. Yesterday I was seeing emeralds everywhere and it was comforting to know that God was actively engaging in this promise. 


It took all of my strength not to be afraid because I had no backup plan, other than being homeless. However, time was running out and I kept watching for God to show up with His promise. 


It was at 10:39 p.m. that I received what God promised out of nowhere and I was able to cover the reservation. It was not only a miracle but it came just in the nick of time. 


Earlier in the week, God said that He would be testing me on trusting Him to pay the week’s rent and on not thinking bad (fear, doubt) thoughts. I knew that what I thought about during this faith test was the most important part of it. 


The relief that I experienced was so amazing. All-day it felt like I was breathing in fire because the pressure was so intense and hot. When God showed up, it was like a sudden cooling relief and I could finally breathe without the hurt of being so uncomfortable. 


So we have another week and I keep hoping and praying that He will soon take us to our own place with a bedroom for everyone and a kitchen. Although I am immensely thankful for this place, it is really challenging to eat and plan with no kitchen. 


I already miss the comforts of a home so much that it hurts. Yet I am beyond grateful that God has placed us in a place of extreme comfort and beauty. We are right across the street from a beautiful park and we have a balcony to watch the big fireworks display right downtown. 


I am excited about those little things and the short little time to catch my breath before having to do this all over again with the next faith test. 


I love you and thank you for reading our journey and for being right here with us in our hearts as we travel through it. God has shown me that someday I will be big support for those who follow Him on a similar and yet entirely unique faith-living journey of their own. 


Until then, I pray that God helps me swallow my fears and keep sharing with you each step of the way. All my love to you and yours, Dannette♡



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