Faith Stories

Past the Fears



I truly appreciate those of you who have rejoiced with us for getting the place for a month! I am still in awe at how loyal and generous God has been. As thankful as I am, I have also been silently crossing over so many fears. The place where God is taking us is right downtown in a big city and that alone is terrifying to me. 


He took us there briefly last summer and I was so out of my comfort zone. All I could do the whole time I was there was think about when I could go. It was a beautiful home but that whole area is very intimidating for me. 


We will be in a similar situation but in a different part. It appears to be a much better part and yet I am still shaking in my knees about doing something so big. 


To add to the “fear facing” there was a little hiccup that happened yesterday. There is a problem with the car that we were going to use and I may have to take a rental car. That is a blessing and also another area where I will need to trust God…


The scary part is that we would not have a vehicle while being in the downtown apartment and I would need to trust God to provide for us rental funds to return home (our town) after it ends. I would need to trust Him not to leave us stranded in a big city with nowhere to go. However, He has never failed us and He never will. 


Before God even pointed me in this direction, He kept saying over and over that He would be with us. I knew that I would be doing something that seemed scary since God was assuring me of His presence to be there to help us. 


That is a big relief. As much as I don’t like doing things that terrify me, that is where I have experienced the most love and freedom from God. He has never given me over to my fears and in every single situation, He has performed what I hoped instead. 


Each time that God has me cross over the river of crocodiles (fears) I grow deeper into trusting Him and my soul is more rested to abide in His words. 


Last night He showed me the miracle that He would perform while we were there and it will be something so majestic—bigger than anything before. My peace in the midst of moving into these fears is knowing that God is with us as our ever-present help in a time of need. 


We have just a couple more days until we take the big move of faith into something really uncomfortable (facing fears) but God has referred to this time as a “resort”. 


It is supposed to be a time to recover and be refreshed before one of the greatest faith experiences of my life so far. In the apartment building, there is a workout center, a library, and a game room. If the photos are accurate, then this place will be stunning. 


Since there won’t be a vehicle to use while there, I will get to enjoy groceries delivered (or walk to the store) and that is a big blessing to me since I really don’t like city driving. There is a big art museum next door and so many other unique places to explore, (if I have the courage to leave the building LOL). 


That is a little more update on where we are in this journey and what I have been walking through. I constantly need and rely on God’s presence to soothe my anxieties away about doing this. The hardest part is moving beyond the fear and trusting that God will be there just like He promised. 


It is an immense blessing, exciting, terrifying, and filling me with so much curiosity to see what God has in store for us. I have no doubt that it will be spectacular and yet totally out of my comfort zone. I plan to share pictures after we arrive and I can’t wait to share the next adventure with you!


If I never walked down this road, I would never know the intimate experience of My Saviour’s hand holding me protectively with His intentional love. It is moving past the fears that make us stronger and greets us with fresh encounters of ever-present love. I am putting all my cards on the table to trust Him once again. More updates to come.♡






‘Do not fear [anything], for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, be assured I will help you;
I will certainly take hold of you with My righteous right hand [a hand of justice, of power, of victory, of salvation].’ Isaiah 41:10




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