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Great Expectations

A love letter from the Father



This time is very active, although it may seem still and silent. I am moving behind the scenes, leaping and twirling between so many things. I am carefully choreographing the answer to your prayers and giving you the favor of My consent.  


During this time of in-between, allow yourself to forget about your worries and needs. Like becoming so still that you float upon the water, relax every tension, and let the weight of your world rest in My care. 


Pause for just a moment and feel the reality of your prayers coming to pass. Think and feel like you already have what you asked for and ponder how you would act. Immerse your imagination in the desired fulfillment, like feeling the warm sea water flow through your fingertips as the power of the ocean sways all around you. 


Hear the birds singing in the sky and feel the warming kisses of direct sunshine upon your cheeks. Embrace your prayers as true and trust Me to cause this to happen for you. Open your heart to sense the joy of what it would be like and celebrate being loved–as you are refreshed with the pure waters of faith. 


Don’t worry about a thing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the good news that I bring! You’ll float along the crystal clear waters and tranquil pools of soul-soothing fulfillment. With a big exhale of relief, you’ll breathe in the freedom that you have longed to see.  


Never underestimate what I will do with active and vivid faith! When you think and imagine the fulfillment, your faith enters into the place of fluid movement. I will meet your great expectations with the tangible fulfillment of what you have asked. 


Hidden treasures beneath the surface are about to emerge! I’ll show up suddenly–without making a sound and cause the materialization of your faith to appear without a warning. 


Soon you’ll be showing the world what I have done and telling the story of My unexplainable love! It will be just like you hoped it would be–yet better than you thought. I will match your great expectations with a miraculous movement of My incredibly tangible love. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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