Faith Stories

Following the Light of Promise


I would be completely lost if I did not have instructions from God on what to do through each time and situation. I simply cannot imagine having to do life alone–without God showing me where to step next and what path to follow. 


Especially during this time in my life. This time feels so much like a time I once walked through, when everything drastically changed in a night and day difference. During that time, God had been showing me where we were going next—and it was so much bigger than seemed possible. 


I literally needed a miracle to see that happen, and yet I decided to trust the path that God had been illuminating. 


Similarly, God has been showing me that we are about to go somewhere that is massively huge and even more luxurious than where we are at. Just the thought of it gives me excitement butterflies and the fear of standing on top of a tall building. 


It will challenge my faith more than anything ever before, and I will need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt. 


Another thing that God told me to do before we take the next huge leap of faith was to start a second blog, where I transparently share the vivid and open details of the next phase of the journey.


God told me to make it exclusive with a small membership to join. He has a reason behind it and I have to trust that. But no worries, it is very small…and worth every amount of sacrifice to Him. 


Out of trust and obedience to His instructions, I created a second blog, called “Flowers of Fulfillment” where I not only share very vulnerable details, but I also give back to the readers.


On the blog, I often give free e-books, or audio downloads. I also send out free little gifts to you in the mail every 3 months for your loyalty. I am really excited about it and I believe it will be something really special for us all. 


Today I posted a new blog on there called, “Night and Day Difference”. It is all about when I went through a completely drastic change before and how I created a tool to help me trust and have faith. 


I have shared the details on the blog and I would love for you to jump on board before the next phase of the crazy faith journey begins. We are going to move into something we never have before, and it will be the ultimate test of faith for me. 


It will also be the start of my second book of faith encounters, after Naked Wings. Reading from the new blog will be like reading the pages of the new book while the paint is still wet. 


You can come join in on the new adventure here:


I can’t wait to see you there! 


Love and big hugs, 




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