Faith Stories

“you will be surprised by how quickly I move”


There are four little phrases that God has been saying to me about this current time. Those phrases are: 


  1. Things are not as they seem right now. 
  2. There will be a sudden release from pressures
  3. Don’t look back to the hardships of the past 
  4. This is a new day 


There are other things that God has been showing me and the revelations started to pour out during a time of receiving a personal love letter for someone. 


The prophetic letter for this person was about the Rainbow mountains of Peru and the Lord has been speaking to me about that for this moment. 


I am going to unload a couple of the prophetic keys from the revelation that God gave me through that letter to help you navigate through this time that you are in. 


I don’t know about you, but I have been walking through a lot of warfare recently, but the Lord showed me it is because of what is being unveiled. Very often the Lord will show me “snow” as times of warfare against our promises and God’s protection of them, because in the book of Job, the snow is described as being reserved for “times of war”. 


This is the good part, the snow (warfare) is melting. The rainbow mountains were never known about for a very long time, up until the glacial ice caps started melting that were covering the mountains. 


When the snow melted, it was revealed that there was a rainbow hidden beneath them all along. Something breathtakingly beautiful was revealed, and it was there…hidden…all along. 


If you are going through warfare and everything looks the opposite of what God has promised, then this is for you….


The snow of the warfare against your promise is melting to reveal a rainbow of fulfilled promise. 


This is the most important thing to know…things can change in an instant! The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and things can change suddenly…even without warning. 


Out of nowhere you will be lifted into the fulfillment, and it will come at a time when it looks like there is no way possible. It will come in a sudden moment that will change everything–like snow transformed into a summer day–the seasons will change right before your eyes. 


I am sharing a little snip it of that person’s prophetic letter because it applies for many of us during this time. This is the part that God has been highlighting for me to share with you. 


The long hard warfare is finally ending, like glacial icecaps melting on a mountain to reveal the vibrant hidden beauty underneath. What has been hidden in front of you is being revealed, like the breathtaking rainbow colored mountains that were not known before. 

Just as the rainbow mountains were once secretly concealed by snow, after the snow melted the beauty that was hidden became visible. You will touch the staggering beauty of your dreams, like stepping upon rainbow mountains with stripes of turquoise, lavender, and ribbons of gold. 

A hidden gem is being uncovered before you, and it will be like something out of a dreamy fairy tale. You’ll be in sheer bliss as I expose the layered blessings of red, turquoise, and gold that were hidden before!

I am making the impossible become possible before your eyes, like causing snow to melt off of an enormous mountain in record breaking time. You’ll be in awe as you behold and witness the fullness of beauty coming into fruition. 

I am causing you to touch gold in the sky, as you reach the uttermost heights during the golden hour that covers every detail in unprecedented beauty. The bitter that you have had will be exchanged into the sweetest delight, as you encounter the candy-striped mountains of dreams coming to pass. 

You surely won’t believe your eyes! I will also do something that you haven’t expected–it will be the icing on the cake to make this experience even better than you planned. 

I will far surpass your greatest hopes and deepest longings. Some blessings will come long before you can even reach them–as I show up with a sudden delivery out of nowhere. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the details that I have covered, like seeing the marbling effect of the brilliant rainbow mountains emerge from the melted icecaps. Surely it will be a surprise, as I unveil a treasure that has been there all along! 


So don’t get distracted by how things look or seem at this present moment and resist the urge to believe that you are going back to the past sorrows again. That is not what is or what you can expect to continue. Like winds blowing, the oppositions will pass on through and in a flashing moment, you will see the fulfillment right before you…



You can find out more about about personal love letters here:


The last phrase that God has been saying to me is “you will be surprised by how quickly I move”. A night and day difference can come in the blink of an eye. From feeling buried ten feet under the ground with pressures and struggles, you will be instantly lifted to the rainbow mountain tops of prophetic promises coming out for you!


Nothing will look the same ever again–as the beauty of your new life is uncovered to be seen and realized. 


Love you very much! 




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