Faith Stories

While Expecting




Getting a personalized love letter is like getting a pearl that can change your life. However, I must in good conscience say that they only work when mixed with the purity of concentrated faith. 


The promises from God do not prosper when mixed with unbelief, and it takes a deliberate effort to take every doubt and opposing circumstance captive always and choose to only dwell on the optimism of faith-filled thoughts and beliefs. 


Each letter is formed around a symbolic treasure that is prophetically received to compliment the beauty of your prophetic promise. 


I was in awe of how interesting some of them were. For instance, when I was doing one in particular, God kept showing me avocados and I had to spend a very long time in God’s presence until the gift for this person’s treasure was opened up for me. 


It turned out that the avocado symbolism was not about what most would assume, but it was about God giving this person a promise of an invention that would be life-changing. 


For privacy reasons, I am not sharing the name of the recipient or the full letter. I am sharing a little clip of that letter so that you can have a tiny taste of what to expect when expecting your future personalized letter. 


“You’ll be dreaming of love as I enlighten your spirit with ideas and inventions. I will cause something that you thought was a mistake to increase and honor you–beyond your amazement!


Just as a mailman’s accident led to the fame and fortune of Hass avocados, I will cause an appearing failure to cause you to become a sudden success story.


I will swiftly usher you into new and captivating things. Like finding yourself beside the romantic Eifel Tower, I will cause your reputation to sparkle and shine.


I have set you up with a support system that will outlast time. You’ll have a legacy to leave your family, and you’ll never be dependent on earthly circumstances or financial times.


Watch what happens as you toss your prayers to Me like blowing a flower into the wind and the return of blessings fall at your feet, fulfilled again and again.


When I promised to bless you, My dear, I made a plan that brings you greater beauty than anything that you have seen before.


Be at peace and trust Me to cause everything to unfold according to My plans. I will tell you what to do at just the right time.


Just as the Hass avocado tree began to bloom when left unattended and all alone, relax into My intentional love and allow Me to bring it all into action.


Like dreaming of sugar plums in the darkness, I will cover you with delightful ideas and dreams of creations designed to prosper you.


Like touring the city of light, or “La Ville Lumière”, I will illuminate the way and guide you into this dream fulfillment.


You’ll be cloaked from head to toe with the hem of My loving support and I will bring you through unseen transportation to elevate you”


The letter continued on and on and opened up to be even more beautiful than I had imagined. God swept me off my feet by doing these letters because I was blessed to see how His spirit would dance through each detail with a romantic purpose and unique intention. 


Most of the personalized prophetic love letters are about 4 t0 5 pages long, which is longer than most of the letters posted on this blog. The letter will come with some symbolic treasure, like this avocado, to give you something beautiful to see while you are expecting fulfillment. 


They are a promise from God to you that is uniquely made for your life alone. If you would like to have your own custom-made and personalized prophetic love letter from God, please follow this link to learn more.


They are also available on the store page here:


Also, please allow me plenty of time to receive your letter because I have to wait on God’s timing as well. I love you tremendously, and I am so excited about what the next batch of personal love letters will bring! 






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