Faith Stories

Love Save the Day


Yesterday God was showing me signs that His promise of support would show up to save us. I held on and pressed to believe. But the floodwaters of the moment became too much, and I couldn’t hold back my tears. I parked at a hotel and I snuck behind the building to release my tears. 


There was a bench that faced this very tall “wall” of plants and I sobbed to the point when I shook. It is so scary to be all alone in a place with no one there. I have to put all of my trust and faith in God to show up to save us. 


His promise is my only way to survive. It is my life….


There are very few who understand what it is like to reach through this store parking lot for hours and believe that God will keep His promise, even when it looks like the rescue will never come. Yet He promised….and I have to crucify the doubt that is resisting it. 


When we finally got rescued with a room last night there was an eagle there on the wall. It reminded me of God’s prophetic promises to support us, and it gave me peace. My peace is knowing that God has a plan, but the floods are so overwhelming at times.


Many waters cannot quench love….


I know you are there God…even though I cannot see you in this strange city. 


I know you love me and that your plan will not fail, even though there looks like the rescue boat will not be coming. 


I believe in your love, even though the tears are rising up to my eyes all over again. 


Someday this will be a story that I will love to tell. 


But for now, it hurts beyond what I can ever express. 


There is no lonelier place than to be spread across this altar of faith with my whole life depending on Him, especially when I see nothing happening.  


It looks a lot different to walk through it, then to just chant words. 


They say drowning feels like your lungs are on fire. 


I feel like I am drowning….drowning in the fire of refining. 


But with my eyes closed as I sit in this parking lot, I can see my Hero of Salvation reaching out a hand and picking me up and pulling me out of the great floods that are trying to pull me under. 




Love save the day


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