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Opening Up the Butterfly Code


A Description of the Prophetic Services


Personal Prophetic Love Letter


A personal prophetic love letter is a very intentional and uniquely received love letter just for you. Each personal love letter revolves around a symbolic treasure for you. (I love that part the best!). 


Each love letter symbol is usually a special treasure in nature that God has given me for you. In God’s own glorious magnificence, He beautifully blends the deep hidden information woven in the love letter filled with powerful prophetic words of promise. 


Each symbol is prophetically chosen, and no two personalized prophetic love letters are alike. There is a surprise treasure inside each one! God gives me something that is deeply prophetically, made just for you!


Audio Personalized Prophetic Love Letter 


The Audio Personalized Prophetic Love Letter takes things to the next level. We all know that “faith comes by hearing” but also when you combine high frequency music with the high frequency life changing words of God….the results can be powerful.


Of course, it still requires your commitment to enter into faith and to hold that space of believing. However, these tools are profoundly life changing. 


The reason that I offer this is that it is what God has done for me to help me get through so many years of impossible looking situations. 


Treasure Mapping 


Treasure mapping is like getting a written road map that is personalized just for you to draw out hidden promises that you may…or may not be aware of. 


It is like the creating of a butterfly. Before the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the caterpillar must turn on the imaginal cells that contain the powerful code of a butterfly. 


The caterpillar must make a deliberate choice to no longer follow the cell code of a caterpillar. Instead, the caterpillar chooses a new code, based on NEW information in the butterfly cells. 


The treasure mapping is like giving you a new butterfly code to follow, and disabling the old caterpillar codes that you see in the natural.


With this all of these services, I receive prophetic promises from God for you, but you must activate them by faith, like a caterpillar choosing the butterfly codes and no longer entertaining the old code of a butterfly. 


Because they are so intensive, please allow plenty of time to receive your order. 


Thank you so much for your gift of time to read this post! 


If you would just like to sow a seed of love towards our needs and mission, I pray it is multiplied back you a thousand times more!







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