I was in a place of dire need and everything that I had been believing was in the fire. I had a personal prophetic letter of promise from the Lord, and I was reading it over and over to get my heart to open and receive so that the materialization of that miracle would come. 


My heart was racing at that point, and I was definitely getting into a place of panic, which is a frequency of fear. I knew that I had to change something or else the fulfillment that I needed to see–to survive that moment, would never come. 


I knew 2 things….one was the prophetic promises do not prosper with unbelief. The second thing was we simply cannot open our heart to receive and believe if we are in a low level place of survival, fear, or desperation. 


We need to be rested and calm so that the heart opens to receive on a spiritual level. It is a place of higher frequency where faith, love, and hope reside. Trying to see a miracle from a low level place of fear, worry, or doubting just doesn’t happen, unless God intervenes with a rescue. 


By this point, I was in a full-blown breakdown, and I was crying with fear and desperation. I was praying for God to deliver something I needed so badly, but I also knew that those with “worry filled prayers” cannot expect to see their prayers answered. 

He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. People who “worry their prayers” are like wind-whipped waves. Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open” James 1:6-7


I needed comfort, I needed relief, and I needed to change my fears into faith so that I could see the answer to my prayers come through. 


I knew that music slows the heart rate and breathing and opens the heart for receiving. The sound of certain music can elevate us into a higher frequency, so that we can flow in faith and not in fear or unbelief. 


I had a recording of prophetic promises that were spoken with soothing music in the background, and I decided to listen. The moment that I heard the music mingled with the transformative words of power from God, my heart rate suddenly slowed, and I was comforted like a baby receiving pure milk.


I found myself suddenly taken from a place of fear and panic to a calm and peaceful place of joy and relief. It was like everything I needed was already there because the sound of the music with the Sovereign words took me into a different realm. 


Within 30 minutes of listening to God’s promises to the sound of the high frequency sounds, I saw the miracle that I needed to come through, and I was able to see the relief happen in a 3D reality. 


I realized the power of listening to the promises of God mixed with calming music. When God gives us a prophetic promise, we are given everything that we need to see a miracle take place. 


We are not waiting for God to “do it” because by His words, it is already finished. God is waiting for us to open our hearts and to believe it. 


Believing is the hard part because we have to get beyond ourselves with all the doubts, fear, logic, and present circumstances that look the opposite of what God has promised. 


Because it is so powerful to listen and receive, I am introducing a new “Audio Personalized Promise” service. 


With this service, I will record a PERSONALIZED prophetic promise love letter for you to the high frequency sounds of relaxing music so that your heart can open to receive the words—and so that they will come to life for you. 


You will receive a personalized prophetic love letter on an PDF file for you to read, AND you will also receive an MP3 Audio download that you can save to any device for easy listening. 


This is a like a major key that will unlock doors for so many because the mixture of a life-changing prophetic word of promise with the heart-opening audio sounds will turn the key and get the most stubborn doors opened easily. 


Most of us have a kaleidoscope of promises from God that we don’t even realize are there. Most of us also have many different dreams and prayers that we hold in the chambers of our heart. 


A prophetic promise from God is power, and it can change a situation in a sudden and powerful way. The audio background music is what will open your heart to receive and get you into the higher frequency place of faith and love. 


I am so excited to start this journey with you and I pray that you will see the miracle results that you need, hope, and desire to see fulfilled.