✨The dream diamond course is a special faith secret that I have used over the years to see unimaginable blessings come to the surface. There are many unique little symbols or numbers that are often hidden in our dreams that can open up into something much bigger when touched by child-like faith.


One summer Jesus led us to stay at a luxury apartment complex with all comforts paid for (through His promise). The apartment was located in a tall city building that overlooked many gorgeous constructions and historical landmarks. 


Although it was in the city, the area where we stayed was safe and quiet. On the roof of the building, there was an exquisite patio area called “the Diamond Club”. 


That area overlooked the whole city and there were even fire pits with diamond-looking rocks in them. We were blessed to always have that area to ourselves to see the twinkling stars at night and the lights sparkle through the city like Christmas decorations. 




It was nearing time to leave and I was starting to pray to God about how He would deliver what we needed to pay for the next place. I knew we would be going back to our home town and I also knew that I would need a large amount of money to get back. 


That night after my prayers, I went to sleep. While I was dreaming, I saw myself picking up a dime off of the ground. From my experience with God in the past, I knew that I was collecting a dream diamond promise. 


However, I also knew it was for much more than ten cents. I pondered it for a while and I prayed for Holy Spirit to reveal the secret treasure of my dream. 


After spending time with God about it, I realized that the dime in my dream was a promise of $10,000. After I grabbed that by faith and started to claim it as mine and thank God, then God confirmed that amount to me through other “dream diamonds”. 


After God showed me the dream diamond of $10,000, He started to show me how to access it by faith and activate my dream diamond promise into fulfillment. 


 I held my faith in the midst of all logic and doubts. A couple of weeks before our stay was up in that luxurious city apartment, I received an email telling me that I was being sent $10,000.  


The dream diamonds that I have seen materialized have been so many different things and they have often appeared in my dreams as objects that most people would naturally overlook. I share many little encounters like this in the class and how to find these little hidden diamonds from God.


✨This course is only 7 sections long, and don’t worry they are short and not long. Time is important to all of us and I respect yours as well. It also comes with a matching Ebook for easy reflection. 


Although I recommend every person get their dream interpretations from God, because they are each unique and personal as snowflakes, I have also included a prophetic number and symbol book for your reference. Some of you may already have them but they are also an added treat for this course. 


✨For those treasure hunters out there that are eager and excited to scoop up diamonds of promise in their dreams, I invite you to come along for this sweet journey and join by clicking the link below. 


In the Dream Diamond Class, I share several accounts like this and the lessons that God showed me to see the most bizarre dreams become fulfilled promises of His fulfilled promises.



I hope you will join me on this journey. ♡ Dannette


The class is full of treasures for you to enjoy. Plus I have added a prophetic number and symbol meaning books for you too! Join here: