We are looking for friends and partners! The Friends of Refreshing is a monthly partnership program with this ministry. With your monthly partnership with this ministry, you will receive daily prayer intercession and a monthly personalized love letter or prophetic word of encouragement uniquely for you. Your letter will be prophetically personalized to show you the treasures that God has hidden for you in the unseen realm.  


It will be so refreshing! You’ll venture through the unseen tunnels and underwater caves of the Spirit to discover the buried treasures that God has tucked away within you. It will be like exploring the unending ocean to find opulent pearls, rare gold, and brilliant diamonds. As each treasure is unearthed, it will begin to find its way to the surface to eventually be made tangible in your life.


Your monthly support will also help this ministry to continue to reach people with our faith stories and love letters in so many wonderful ways! It will also help us to grow and travel to all of the places where God takes us to bring this story to life. There are many things that are needed to keep this ministry and website flowing and your loyal support will help us to touch more and more hearts and share the healing love of God’s transformational words.


The space is very limited for this program, and I cannot guarantee how long it will last. If you would like to join, just follow this link below. The best part of doing this for me is when I get to see the fruit of people encountering the intentional love of God. If you are interested in joining, you may sign up here:




Friends of Refreshing Program




Sending lots of love and blessings,



Dannette Ward, Diamonds from the Dust LLC