re·pose: a state of rest, sleep, or tranquility

hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen      



The Hope Repose is a course that was created to help you bring your hopes to the surface and dissolve your worries and fears. I can honestly say that it is COMPLETELY life-changing.   



In this course, I am unlocking some of the mysteries that I have been taught so that you can profit from these tools as well. I will show you how I have been able to see my hopes become tangible time and time again. I have organized everything that I had learned in 5 years of living on supernatural finances to make it so sweet and easy for you to do too. 



🪷Hope is like a lotus flower that grows through anything. It can withstand ice and the blazing sun. It has been around since before the ice age, and its seeds can stay alive for years without water. The lotus flower submerges into the dark swampy waters and then rises up in the morning to bloom without a trace of the sorrow that she has been through. Where we start and what we have been through is not the permanent place where we stay or belong. Hope is always growing more and more. 



🪷I will reveal to you how I went from being nearly homeless in a motel room with no income and no one to help to get the fulfillment of every hope in life or death circumstances. With absolutely no income– God brought me up from having no place to live and no transportation to living in gorgeous homes, getting miracle cars, and never having a single fear come to pass. Jesus showed me how to dissolve bad dreams and bad outcomes and see all hopes–big and small–become fulfilled quite swiftly.   



For several years I have lived financially on miraculous hope in God, and it always gets bigger and better than before. God showed me through a very strenuous time of training, how to cause my hopes to become tangible outcomes.



It started out small, like a tiny seed, and then grew into the luxury of a tall and sturdy plant.   I have had to walk through the murky waters of extreme opposition, hardship, unsurvivable conditions, fear, worry, doubt, etc—like a lotus flower, but God has shown me how to rise above it all with confidence to see my hopes fulfilled.  



This course is broken down into simplicity to ensure that you receive absolute success. I have also included my most treasured tool for receiving the outcome of my hopes. It is an interactive soaking spa to use over and over for as long as you like. This incredibly simple tool has been what has accelerated the process for me and maximized my results.   



This course is 6 modules long with a bonus transformational soak. This course is self-paced and I encourage you to take all the time you need before moving forward to the next lesson. This gives you time to saturate your thoughts on the material and actively engage your faith in the checkpoints at the end of each module.



On the same exact day that I did the course myself, God surprised me with the same Kia car that I had envisioned in the soak! It was a one-in-a-million miracle with unexplainable timing.



The entire scene that I envisioned came true—exactly as I saw it when I was engaging in hope. There is nothing like seeing what you imagined by faith coming to life. 






    🪷It is euphoric and feels like walking through a dream–and yet is it entirely real! Words cannot describe the whimsical and awestruck feeling that I received when my imagination became my reality the same exact day.   





🪷If you expect anything from this course—expect to be amazed and completely changed, with hopes blossoming into bliss over and over~~




You will be wowed by how your hopes begin to bloom from out of nowhere. Everything will look different to you as the dull, unlovely land transforms into intricate beauty. You’ll see miracles as you apply this method that far outweigh anything bad that you have endured.     



  🪷The best part is that it will keep getting better and better from here~~ 




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