The personal love letter is a prophetic love letter from God to you. These letters not only speak to your Destiny and identity as a child of God, but they also are powerful tools to breakthrough through your current situation.Β 


Your personalized prophetic love letter will come effortlessly to you through a PDF email. Each postal sent letter comes with a prophetically chosen jewel to compliment the beauty of your uniquely made words.



πŸ’ŒWhen mixed with simple faith, these letters have the supernatural ability to change your life and cause your dreams to flourish into your reality.Β Each letter is a mixture of prophetic messages to you directly from the Father and they are filled with His promises to uproot the oppositions in your life.Β 



There is no gift quite like this to receive for yourself or give to someone that you love. These letters call the beauty that is reserved for you (or those you love) into something tangible.Β 



πŸ’ŒIt is a love language all on its own and it is a key to helping bring those unseen things to life mingled with the simple faith like a child.Β 



Each one holds treasures unique to each person and there are no limits to what it may hold.Β Receiving a unique gift like this is unlike anything you could ever do. It reaches beyond every ounce of darkness that pulls at their soul and gives them the light of hope to love life again.Β 



It will be like exploring the unending ocean to find opulent pearls, rare gold, and brilliant diamonds. As each treasure is unearthed, it will begin to find its way to the surface to eventually be made tangible in your life.



πŸ’Œ It speaks to the beauty that God has etched within each person and it calls those things out that are not yet seen. A prophetic letter will trigger an acceleration of blessing over that person’s life and it will blot out the attacks of negativity that try to hold them down.Β 



It is more precious than gold and the effects will be witnessed over a lifetime, as beauty continues to fan out like a peacock’s plume.Β 



For a limited time, you can order a personal love letter emailed as a PDF right to you. These love letters are created out of His promises and the personalized love letter is made especially and uniquely for you.Β 



The cost is $25 for the PDF emailed letter and $45 for the postal mailed letter to cover the extensive time that goes into them. Very often God will have me do research on various topics such as nature, animals, planets, etc…to make the love letters full of unique and mysterious wisdom too. It is so much more than a prophetic word and it is incredibly powerful to have.Β 



Please allow plenty of time to receive your letter. I put A LOT of time and prayer into each letter and I often have to wait on the perfect time for each one. Space is limited.





Love you! Blessings! β™‘ Dannette

Thank you!



Personal Love Letter–Emailed


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Deluxe Love Letter Postal Mailed

Deluxe Love Letter Postal Mailed


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