Love Letters

Restart Life After Sorrow



A love letter from Jesus.



O dear soul, with the hurting heart. In sorrow, I am your healing. When sadness comes unannounced and the harps turn to mourn. Dew covers the roses like tears and the lilies of the valley hang their heads low. The clouds release the water that was building up and sometimes when it rains it pours.


When it feels like you are caught in the undertow and surrounded by waves of sorrow, bury your head onto My shoulder.ย Love will lift up the sorrow, see how My love spreads like ivy growing up the stairs. The budding vine twirls up each step, green and vibrant with eternal life within. I am your place to abide, a protective love for you to wrap yourself in. My love pours out over your wounds to stop the bleeding pain.ย 


Rivers are bursting within you, flowing from your innermostย being, unveiling My splendor. The season has changed and fragrance fills the air. Itโ€™s time to forget the past and accept what you cannot change. Inhale the newness that has arrived. Be awakened by the floral breeze that surrounds your senses. Drink from the gushing fountain springing up with rainbow promises spilling in. A cascading waterfall of love with the Holy Spirit giving life.


I am holding you, like the branches supported by a strong tree, whose leaves sway and dance as the wind moves. The brilliance of My presence is breaking through, like light over darkness. My love breaks open with sunbeams that shine and warm your face.


An endless love without measurement, extravagant love pours out. That is what I give. There is no pain that I cannot heal. Itโ€™s time to restart life, it’s time to dream again. I am beckoning you to a new beginning, to soar on wings like the eagles. Love knows no limits. There is no end to its trust and no fading to its hope. Love can outlast anything.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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