Love Letters

Restored Beauty Beyond Affliction

A love letter from Jesus.ย 


Fresh flowers bloom like yesterday never happened, afflictions erased in a marvelous restoration. I am making all things new, as a new day appears. Weeping becomes part of the beauty that beholds you, as pain is recycled into your double portion. From barely breathing and falling apart, blossoms of My Promises are budding forth.


Scarcely passing beyond the troubles, the afflictions were used to reveal the garden of your promised beauty. I am making jewelry for you of gold and silver to mark and accent your royalty. As an apricot tree that stands out in the forest, you are chosen and set apart to illuminate My saving love.


You are as dashing as a bouquet of wildflowers picked from the unruly fields that were once passed over. Though you have endured affliction, still your heart has remained pure. There are untold blessings from not giving up spilling over from My heart.


Arise My dearest darling, get up from the pain that is over and gone. I have drawn you to My heart through the brokenness of the ashes, to lead you out into a joyful new day. The cruel bondage is over, the season has changed. See how the hibiscus flowers blossom with the first bloom of love. I am filling the air with My songs to awaken you and guide you forth.


Hope in Me and you will rise up on eagles wings. Donโ€™t be afraid of what is ahead, What is done is done, leave it in the past, and move forward. The deep rivers did not overflow you, nor did the flames scourge you. You are always safe in My Hand that holds you.


Since you are precious in My sight, I have honored your life. The marigolds blossom to celebrate the beauty emerging beyond pain. I am in every detail of adorning your life. Where the orange flames once burned, the monarch butterfly sips the sweet juice from the oranges.


ย I didnโ€™t bring you this far to leave you. No tear that you have sobbed will be wasted. Have a little faith in Me. I am always moving in the unseen. Before you even ask, I know what you need.


I am mindful of all of your ways, faithful and true in everything. Rest your weary heart in My Refuge, receive boundless comfort from the battle wounds. In the place where the orange flames once burned there is a restoration of effervescent beauty that remains.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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