Love Letters

I Will Answer Your Prayers


A love letter from Jesus. 




“Although you have been sad and discouraged, being tossed around in a storm. Don’t worry about anything but pray. I will bless you with peace to overcome the distress that you feel. I am making everything new, remember what I have told you. Even if gale force winds came rushing in and the ocean roared against you, I will always be kind and merciful to you and nothing will ever remove My promises. Indulge your imagination to believe because you have scored big with favor. I will answer your prayers.





Come sail away with Me. You may be going through an ocean of troubles, but I will overcome the waves and dry up the deepest sea bed. Even if your father and mother should desert you, I will take care of you. You will never be in need. What you are seeking is not far off in the distance or for another time. It is here now, right in your midst. I’m your Captain, ready to serve your request.





My riches are greater than anything that you need, as an enormous Supply Ship. All that I have is also yours in this world, anything is possible when you believe. I have a bigger impact to fulfill more than you can dream. I, the LORD, am the one who sends showers of rain to make fields produce. So when you are in need, you should pray to Me. Be brave with your prayers and you will be treated with undeserved kindness and help.





Trust the starlight of promise to find your way, when the skies are dark and fear casts shadows of dread. Do not have a doubtful thought of a negative. But focus all of your thoughts on good things to come.  Fill up for big blessings. Believe for the good and none of the bad. Fill your mind with thoughts of confidence in Me to honor your prayer requests. Confidence means to trust. I will keep you in a wave of perfect peace when you trust Me with a dedicated heart and mind. For I am—strong, stable, trustworthy, and lasting. Get excited to be blessed!





You can be sure that I will take care of everything you need, My exceeding generosity pours from My Unlimited supply. Whatever you can believe, I can do. My power is working through your prayers to do more than you can dare to ask. Claim your favor and I will open the way. Celebrate now, even though you have not seen it yet. Push beyond every reluctance to believe because you are going to be filled up beyond capacity.





Hope for good in every situation. Everything you ask for in prayer will be yours if you only have faith. If you believe that you can have it, then you can. Have confidence and be certain that it will happen. Now you will have all that you need—more than enough—so that you are completely satisfied! You are free to enjoy the abundance that is before you because My favor is yours.





I am taking beyond anything that you have known before. Forget entirely every former disappointment. Don’t be afraid to be discouraged again. I have already prepared provisions for you. This is a new destination, that far surpasses any place that I have taken you yet. Your prayers are churning up rare blue diamonds from beyond the sea depths. Keep hoping until you see it and don’t underestimate what I will do”.





Written by Dannette Lynn



Dannette Garza

2885 Sanford Ave SW


Grandville, MI


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