Love Letters

A New Foundation for Expectancy


A love letter from Jesus. 




I will end the suffering and send relief from the trouble. Watch and see what I will do. Give Me the doubts that make you afraid and I will cause your life to explode with joy and wells of abundance. The afflictions that you face today will suddenly break off and fall, for I have spoken it. 



I am creating a new foundation for you of expectancy. I will give you your heart’s desire. You will begin to experience the innocence of materialized faith before your heart was crushed by disappointment. Surrender all unbelief and take Me at My word. Become like a little child again and trust Me for more. 



Hope expects the best. What has happened to you is not what is going to happen again. Just ask and it will be given. Focus on your request and keep telling yourself that it is yours. Stay in an earnest desire for the attainment. Keep pleading until you see it happen. Continue to pray with a persistent demand and the door will be opened for you, surely it will be! 



Not just a wish, but trust that your answered prayer is an actual thing. Trust that you have received it and it is truly yours. Count on it before you get it and expect it to arrive. I spoke the desire into your heart, now call for the tangible reality. Be sure that it is coming and relax into the peace and joy of believing. Believe in My eagerness to hear, before you even speak, an answer is given. 



 I have promised to give you anything and a declaration to do it. I will do far more than you can ever ask or imagine through the power of your prayers. Watch and keep watching with bubbling expectancy. Act as if you are sure that you have it and think as though it is already yours. Believe what I say and declare it is finished. I have told you ahead that the answer will be given so that you can experience the joy now of the anticipated fulfillment. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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