Love Letters

I Will Do It


A love letter from Jesus. 




This hardship is over, I am turning things around for you! Speak to that mountain of difficulty, ‘be blessed!’ and it will become nothing more than a walkway to your manifested petition. Expect excellent things to happen! Make My promises bigger than your current situation. 


Speak the promise instead of the problem. The indecision of worry can pull you down, but a good word will change everything in a positive way. The thoughts that I think toward you are for good and not bad, to give you an expected end. Exhale fear and inhale faith as you continue to build out of the unseen realm.


Continue to call what you need and it will be. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t see, I have hidden provisions for you here. Imagine that you have what you seek. Nothing that you imagine will be withheld. Touch Me with your faith and I will do super-abundantly more than your highest thought and most desirable imagination. 


What you concentrate on will determine your future. Your mind must reach the destination before your feet do. The path you walk is charted by faith, not by what you see with your eyes. As you think in your heart, it will be. If you can believe it, then it can happen. 


Change your words to change your situation. Make more room to receive what you need and believe what you say. Stretch your thinking into My goodness and don’t stay limited by what you have known or experienced. 


It is going to come to pass just as you speak it. Command your situation to line up with your promises. Agree with what that I have spoken to you and give your cheerful benediction of, ‘so may it be’. Your words will become the materialized foundation of what you are hoping for. 


Success will happen for you! From this point on, expect to see heaps of My goodness. So keep up your courage and believe in Me. Have complete confidence that you will have exactly as you say. Trust that what you say will happen and I will do it for you. 



Written by Dannette Lynn



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