Love Letters

A Time to Collect


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



I am giving you a respite of recovery and refreshment. It is time to collect the rewards of faith. This is a very special and anticipated moment that you have been hoping for. Do not cry anymore over this pain. Spring up with jubilee to see the harvest of the seeds. I am your Protector and Provider, to bring rest and comfort from the agony.ย 



I have reached you out of the cavern of suffering and lifted you up to a place of soul safety. So do not fear, I am here to help you. I wonโ€™t leave you with sorrow, I will respond. I will fill the destitute places with freshwater and saturate the thirsty ground.ย 



So donโ€™t worry! Fill your mind with the anticipations of My generosity and confess a good outcome. I am telling you the truth, you are My delight! I have paid your debts in full and I have everything! Anything is yours for the asking.ย 



Itโ€™s time for a change from rags to riches. So put your seat belt on! I have increased you a thousand times over and blessed you just as I promised. You are going higher than you have ever planned on. Energetic fountains are bubbling up and there is no end to the ample supply of the gifts that I am sending.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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