Love Letters

Take Your Place on the Watchtower


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



You should know by now that I would never hurt you, but I will care for all of your needs as I fill you again and again. I drew the circle in the deep to separate the oceans from the sky. I went ahead to make a way for you before the springs poured out their water. Certainly, My faithful provisions are with you everywhere that you go and always. I have spread out a table for you to feast upon My loving-kindness.ย 



Take your place on the watchtower to watch and see what I do. I planned ahead for this time to immerse you in a whole new level. Watch where you are going and think about the dream. Your mind must receive it before your hands do. Abandon your doubts and press into your desired destination as you focus on the road ahead. Concentrate on My promises and donโ€™t listen to what the world will say. Unhook yourself from bad influences and move away from the muddy paths.ย 



Stretch your vision to believe the impossible. Sharpen your senses! See with your eyes, and listen with your ears. Take notice of everything I have said. Connect your imagination to faith and visualize yourself receiving what you seek. Take it by faith as you write what you see. Press it into your thoughts, for the vision doesnโ€™t lie. It aches for the coming–it can hardly wait!ย 



In your imagination come away to the mountain of My promise as I demonstrate My kindness over and over. Go deeper and you will find the promised land flowing within you, as a garden fountain sparkling from My love. Wherever the water flows, will come alive and be awakened to the intentional displays of My heart. Soak up the fresh streams of water, as I prosper you in every direction.ย 



Drink from the river of My overflowing goodness as the well of life-giving water continues to pour out to saturate your most daring expectations. Stay in the vision as I bestow your life with true riches and cause your treasures to flow over into an abundance. Believe in it! Watch with anticipation and you will be stunned as the vision suddenly manifests.ย 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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