Love Letters

Draw from your Promise


A love letter from Jesus.ย 




Calm your heart, there is nothing to worry about. Soak in My words to restore your expectations. Let go of the deep disappointments from before. The expectation is necessary for your faith to become tangible. Faith is the substance of your hopeful expectations. Reset and begin again, the past suffering is over. Have confidence that what you hope for will happen.ย 




Quiet the distractions and remember your promise. Listen closely to My voice, the sound of a great waterfall. See the reflection of My heart that glimmers like diamonds in the water. My words will give life to all that you need. I have made a covenant with you that cannot be broken, a promise of My unwavering presence and provisions.ย ย 



Draw out of your promise, for I have provided everything that you need. Rest from the striving and use your faith to get what you seek. Have faith to believe that you have received the desire of your prayers. Faith is believing that I will do it for you. The place of your battleground has been transformed into a heavenly oasis of My loving support.ย 



ย In response to your prayers, I will answer. Do not fear, you have been revived. Replenishing streams will replace the problems with steady provisions that are sweet and good. As rain and snow soak into the ground and nourish the plants that grow. My promise to you will do exactly as spoken and accomplish what I determined.ย 



Harness your fears as a pressure point to apply your faith into action. Expand to believe and what’s inside will spill over. You are beautiful with My beauty. As you believe you will be filled to overflow and energized with a hope that will not disappoint you. Uncontainable joy is springing up as manifested blessings emerge! I will give all that you need with fullness and you will be overflowing.ย 



Come into a place of high expectations, the outlook that you have been accustomed to has changed for the good! What you are hoping for is springing up so that you are completely satisfied. Floods of provisions are surging forward as a great swell to fill all of your needs out of My riches. Streams of My love will engulf you like a river. Too deep for troubles to follow, I will quench you completely with the nourishing brooks of My cascading compassions.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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