Love Letters



A love letter from the Father. 




Don’t worry dear, it won’t be long now. A new day is dawning, as the sunlight cracks open the darkness. The clouds are drifting away as revitalizing rains wash the sorrow and pain away. 


I assure you that the expectation of your hope is not over, so don’t be afraid. Listen closely to My words and do all that I ask you to do. Like an evergreen, you will always thrive as a well-watered garden, even through dry seasons and drought. 


I will lift you high above these problems as My countless blessings wrap around you like a comforting hug. Just like needles of a plentiful pine tree, you will never be without. There will always be endless provisions to replace what was lost. Reservoirs of hidden water have opened up to ensure that you are always prospering. 


Truly you are one of a kind. As a timeless beauty, your youthful luster will be restored with a radiance that is unfading. The troubles that have nagged you before are falling away, from My precious oils that run down your neck and shoulders. 


The loveliness and fortunes that I have reserved for you will never run out. My unfailing love is always with you; protecting you. The establishment of My personal promises to you will never be broken or powerless. You are entering into so much abundance that you will lend to many, but you will never need to beg or borrow. 


My strong hand is always with you, regardless of the trial. I will continue to pour out blessings to you, even in the direct pursuit of an enemy attack. My name, strength, and power are your shelter and covering. 


Once again you will graze in the lush fields of bountiful joy. No more will you be empty with cries for comfort and hunger, but you will be bursting and brimming over with an overflowing fullness. 


Those who see My blessing on you will be in awe of your life. I will always give you more than enough of every good thing. Trust Me and you will see that I will give you more than you expected and better than you ever dreamed. In every situation, the subsistence of My love is never-ending. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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