Love Letters

Last Minute Miracle


A love letter from Jesus. 




Help is on the way. Release the weight of worry and ascend higher than you have ever been. Be concentrated with undivided expectation, a last-minute miracle is going to happen. 



There are double blessings for you today. It’s time for your comeback, as the former shame is wiped away. Tell Me what you would like Me to do and I will send the heavy rain to make the desires bloom. 



Keep your mind focused on My words and you will enjoy the soul hush of complete peace. Worry crushes hope and is a hindrance to the optimism of faith. Settle every anxiety into My arms. Give Me every worry and leave it there. Do not fear because I am unfailing. 



Have the joy to know that it will be as you pray. Do not fear the waterless living. The drought is over and dryness of the desert is green again. I have blessed you with great prosperity and restored you with compassion. 



I will bless you just as I promised and it will be like a dream when you see what I do. I am pouring out fresh provisions and you will feel deep joy like being warmed by the sun. Truly you will sparkle like the jewel of My crown as goodness and beauty abound. 



In response to your prayers, I will answer. You will be completely satisfied and no longer empty. I will surprise you with a miracle, out of the blue! In a swift moment, your joy will be overflowing from the rain of My faithfulness. I will provide with a fulfilled promise that bubbles up and a heart desires that spills over just in time. 






Written by Dannette Lynn



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