Love Letters

Where You Belong

A love letter from the Father



Winds of elevation are lifting you up to the high place where you belong and you will encounter new heights and dimensions of My personal love. Mount up into a place of expecting to see your promises because the speed is picking up.


With exultant gladness anticipate the instant fulfillment of a touchable vision. In a twinkling moment, it will happen before you are ready. Higher than you have ever been, we will glide over the moon and touch the glittering dust of the stars.


Do not strive to earn your promises, nor waver between fear and hope again. Inhale My promises as the air that you breathe, like the fresh oxygen of gentle sea winds.


Relax into what I have declared as the dominating factor over everything. Stay in peace and I will take away the problems that surround you. The pressure will be used to bless you with bigger than you have dreamed or imagined. 


I will raise you up over these troubles, so stay light with confident thoughts and keep expecting to see what you hope for. I am in the center of all things to uphold you with more than you can think or ask for.


In the weariness and growing exhaustion, I will take off the burdens and refresh you with rest. Lean every worrisome anxiety into Me and be sheltered in the refuge of My perfect protection. 


I will give you the tangible possession of your prayer request. Stretch your imagination because you cannot contain what I can do. See what you want and watch it materialize.


Think that you already have it and the desire is surely yours. Let your hope rise up with wings and enter into the boldness of speech. If you don’t doubt, but trust that what you say will take place, then it will happen. 


With intense expectancy and hope, look up to the open space of unlimited possibilities. Keep watching for Me to do what you asked and you will rise up into staggering dimensions of satisfaction. The sky is rich with abundance for you to breathe again.


Settle your heart into My blessing and the unbridled joy of celebration will eclipse the grief and sorrow. Now I will restore your needs and leave behind the blessing that you seek by the unending elevation of My loving support. 





Scribed by Dannette Lynn Ward



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