Love Letters

The Pages of Your Life


A love letter from Jesus.



The all-knowing love of My design is etched on the soles of your feet. Every fingerprint has been traced and every hair counted. I have shaped and formed a very special story to show you how much you are loved! Every single inch of your heart I have explored and I am well acquainted with every thought.



Even in the tiniest details, I kept your purpose quiet as you were hidden in My hand. There is never a minute that you are separated from the protection and provision of My kindness and love. I will never hurt you or give you a bad outcome. Laugh unafraid for the days to come because My loyal love will never let you down. 



I see all things. Every moment of your life has been before My eyes and each day to pass has been written in My book. As your Living Gift, you can trust Me with confidence to exalt you and keep you safe. I will watch over you, and give you exactly what I have promised and the future that you hope for. My mercy is inexhaustible, over and over I will save you. 



Rest your mind in the peace of My comfort and security. You will always be protected and your needs will always be provided for–because I love you–as a mother loves her child. I’m not going to leave you now, but instead you will be refreshed with all that you are longing for until your heart is overwhelmed with love.



I will reach to the ends of the earth to express My love to you. I will be a helping hand in your weakness. Never allow your frailty keep you from standing in confident faith. You were never meant to walk alone. I will cover your wounds with loving-care and heal away the sorrow. 



Remember who you are in My heart and take joy in My rich gifts and good plans. The abuse of hardship is disappearing and the affliction from curses– is gone and done away with. A surprising and sudden deliverance will appear and you will bask in the brilliance of My miracle-wonder and unending wealth. 



As the Prince of Wholeness, let Me walk you into an abundant life. I will make it happen and make things great. I will pour out bounteousness and you will be comforted, as a mother comforts her child. When you see the good that I bring, you will stand boastfully in the intentional affections of My heart. 



Trust Me with the pages of your life as I bring comfort and healing like a flash flood of water falling. The joy of your experience will consume every fear, like ocean streams poured out. My uncontrolled love will fall on your face beyond what you can contain. With thrill you will  gather up the spoils of inherited wealth and indescribable treasures. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



To bless:






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