Love Letters

Renewal of Hope


A love letter from Jesus.ย 



My endeared, a most beautiful flower, blooming above the marshland. Permit Me to remove the pain and give you a fresh renewal of hope. I have heard the groans of your heart and I have seen your lamenting tears.ย 



As your roots grew deeper in knowing My nature, the rare magnificence of your beauty has been drawn out from the bottom-most depths. Flourishing through the deepest mud and blossoming out of the dirt. The bitter experience was pushing you towards the loveliness of your heart desires.ย ย 



Listen and read the healing balm of My words. Nothing can alter My plans. I am not a man–I do not lie, nor will I ever take back what I have spoken into your life. I have spoken a blessing over you and I cannot take it back.ย 



Not only will I rescue you from this affliction, but I will also make you strong again. Every day I promise to give you costly experiences from the waterfalls of My endless love.ย 



Therefore lift up your prayers as My beloved one and you will receive a plethora of grace for all that you need. I am giving you rest from the weariness of those trials and freedom from the anguish. Rely on and personally trust in My love with utmost confidence.ย 



Rely on the words of My heartfelt plea and remain wrapped in My care as the fear subsides. It is your guarantee of encountering My marvelous kindness to give you remarkable relief from pain and unhindered joy for this time.ย 



You can be sure that I will take care of everything you need, out of My extreme generosity. Wait with hopeful expectations for truly you will see the strong, steady love of God.ย ย 



The continuous goodness of My love has overshadowed you and you are protected in the very cleft of My heart. I will be gracious to you and lift you out of the misery to show you the response of My compassion.ย 



I can see the overflowing waters and the date trees spread out next to lush gardens along the river. Unlimited love is filling in the cracks of every ache and I will cause you to prosper with cisterns of plenty pouring over.ย 



O, lovely lotus, I will cause you to revel and delight in My great goodness. The safeness of My protection will comfort and console you from the troubles that you have suffered. The intimacy of My personal blessings for you are spilling over. Dwell all in the unfailing love and goodness of My blossoming promise to give you life–life in all its fullness.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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