Love Letters

Floating Through Thin Air


A love letter from the Father.ย 



Floating through thin air, on the edge of the night. In the mixing of air pressure and chaos, everything looks different and yet everything that I have promised is the same.


In the rising up, the wind tension has been high, as the warm air of comfort meets the edge of the cold days of hardship. Endings are always beginnings and this is the ending of that trouble. In the winds of change, the bigger the change, the more vigorous the wind.ย 


Sit back and take it easy, I will rescue you from what has you overwhelmed. Enjoy this moment of the rise, the darkness illuminates the stars. Focus in on the twinkling lights of My covenant to you as every distraction dims and disappears.ย 


Itโ€™s okay, I will help you. No one touches My baby without confronting Me. I am moving to relieve you of the pain. Donโ€™t be ashamed of your weakness nor be embarrassed about your need. Like Northern lights, My glory breaks through in the most delicate place.ย 


My ears are attuned to your prayers and I am always listening. Present your requests with thanksgiving, trusting that they granted. Pray with expectation and believe that it will happen at any moment. Thoughts become reality, keep thinking that good things will happen.ย 


Out of thin air, suddenly what you have been hoping for is going to manifest. Feel the excitement rise up inside of you, then rest in what you hope for with trusted confidence. Surrender the struggle as you let go and trust Me to fulfill it. I will do much, much more than anything that you can ask or think of–even extra than you know.ย 




Written by Dannette Lynn


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