Love Letters

Meet Me at Midnight



A love letter from Jesus. 



Meet Me at midnight, in the lonely place of the night when your heart is aching and sinking inside. I will write you a love song that you will never forget. In the solace of slumber, I will cover you with sweet-smelling perfumes to bring you comfort. You will be satisfied with relief as I heap good things upon you. 


Look at the mesmerizing wildflowers swaying in the field. Adorned so radiantly, how much more will I endow you in loveliness? Your heavenly Father knows just what you need. So why would you fear the future? You will not lack any heart desire–not now–or in the days to come. You will be constantly refilled again and again. 


Have consistently positive thoughts. Good things will happen! Forget the pain of the past things that have happened as I speak with you now. You have carried these worries for far too long. My beloved bride, lean your heart back to Me with trust. I will care for you and protect you as I have vowed from My heart. 


Have courage and trust that I am on your side. I am lifting you up to a more comfortable place with easier days of wealth and restoration. Step into a 24-hour unending grace. I will compensate you for the years that have been worn and wasted. Never again will you be ashamed or disgraced, be joyful for now you will be recognized as a true prophet of the Lord.  


A harvest of beauty is set and it’s time to indulge. I am answering your prayers to give you what you have been asking for. Awaken the dream that you have cherished for so long. I will write your name with lights as you capture the allurement of My heart. Don’t look down with intimidation, just gaze into My eyes and the fear of heights will become a mountain for you to stand on. 


Don’t allow the fear of getting hurt to hold you back. There are people who need your help and are eager for your gifts. Let Me worry about the judgment of man, that is my job. I’ll protect you and defend you when you cannot defend yourself. It is my job to pick you up when you fall, helping you is what I do all along.  


Let your hopes be exceedingly large as the fears become nothing. Dwell in the secret place with Me. You will not be harmed by the unkindness of the cynics. Bury your head on My shoulders when you are feeling afraid. Soon the troubles that you dread will become soothing water rolling down your head, as every affliction becomes a blessing instead. 


Together the melody of our love duet will rouse the dawn, as the fiery glow of the sunrise kisses the water. For I have given you the early rains of vindication and the heavy rains of My love are pouring down. A captivating vision and independent wealth, you will be known as My miracle–one that I have blessed.


I will show up with an early surprise to answer the sound of your cries. To My bride, I give you the beauty of a plentiful life restored and revitalizing youth renewed. I know every detail of your heart even better than you. It is on your heart because it is on My heart to give it to you! There is no going back now, this is only going to get better and better and better 💜💜





Written by Dannette Lynn


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