Love Letters

Expect Something Good


A love letter from the Father. 




 I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you—never forget that. Expect something good and be certain that it will happen soon. Focus on hope-filled thoughts and I will eagerly replace twice as much as you have lost.



Look at My word and not what is around you. Fix your eyes on Me and take Me at My word. The very thing that has been resisting you will be used to propel you into a breakthrough. 



The prophetic word will be established, keep focusing on it, as a star leading through the darkness. Point your inner compass to the promise and journey in the deep awareness of My all-present love and power. 



I will protect you with the greatest care and hold you in My love. I have given you rest everywhere, so breathe in an abundance of peace because nothing that you fear will come to pass. 



Give Me all of your worries and take shelter under My wings. Even if you were all alone in a great sea of obscurity, My love will not walk away from you and My promise will never fall apart. 



Think bigger and hope for bigger! I will do what I have proposed and carry out My word that I commanded long ago, with abundantly beyond all that you can hope. 



I will back up your faith, so expect to see My goodness. My word will stand and restoration begins at once. Expect signs and wonders to follow you. 



I am using this moment to take you to a higher level. I am restoring you to where you belong and giving you back what you have lost. I will do more good surprises than you think. 



Believe…that’s all you need to do! Enjoy My provisions as you roam and rest in My faithfulness. I have so much spilling over, from the waterbed of My secret treasures.  



This is the element of My surprise. Something good is about to happen–you will have all that you need and more. An exponential surplus has arrived to bring about a rapid blessing of increase. 





Written by Dannette Lynn




To bless:



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