Love Letters

Rediscover My Goodness


A love letter from the Father.  




Hush My darling, I will always satisfy you with good things. I have searched you–heart and soul–and I know all of the things that have troubled you. My vows are always binding to you and My promise is imprinted upon your heart. 



I am right here with you to watch and save. You have no reason to ever be afraid again. My love has surrounded everything that matters to you. So hold your head high and take courage as you trust Me to unravel every detail with My goodness attached. You will discover so much joy as you trust Me with your cares. 



Sit here in My love and relax your mind from dread. Cheer up and expect all things to be better than you imagine. Trust Me as the Shelter beside you. I will keep a close eye on you and tuck you away safely from your enemies with My everlasting grace. 



Residsover My goodness! Live in My provisions and recline in My faithfulness. I will keep you safe and protect you from all that you fear. I am completely ending that which has been irritating you and you will experience all that I have promised–time and time again. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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