Love Letters

I Will Be Generous


A love letter from the Father.  



I will be generous to you with plentiful waves of stress-free blessings. These are wonderful days for you to encounter the unsurpassing greatness of My supernatural power flowing through your offering of belief. 


You have an amazing capacity to manifest abounding resources out of nowhere. The threatening  environment is only a decoy to take your concentration off of My promises. Close off every distraction and let’s create something beautiful.


See what you want and draw it into this present situation. Focus on what you deeply hope to happen and don’t allow your thoughts to come down from there. My thoughts are for good things and to give you what you are expecting.



Stay in the miraculous realm of child-like faith and block out every negative outcome. I am within you and I hear every thought. Since I have heard your request then you can be confident that you have already obtained it.


Boldly assume that I have granted your hope. Things that are seen are created from what moves in the unseen. Imagine the best and it will be done! Feel as though it is true and rest in the certainty of fulfillment. 


You never need to sweat to receive…just trust and believe! Use your imagination and see what you need. Touch your dreams with the currency of your faith to create unlimited possibilities.  


Instead of scarcity, this is a time of experiencing above and beyond all that you can hope or think. All things are possible and there is nothing that you can visualize that will ever be withheld. Prepare to stand amazed because something wonderful is about to emerge! 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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