Love Letters

Raise Your Expectations


A love letter from the Father.  




From enduring the beating waves and rain-wrapped tornado of warfare days, I promise to make up for all that you have been through. Ask anything and it will be given. Yes~resolve that the prayer is a promise. 


Start with a victory and raise your expectations. I have given you a Sovereign word that defeats all limitations. Believe what you think and trust what I have told you. Challenge the negative conditions with the power of your faith. 


The deep beliefs of your heart are what will dictate this situation. Be ruled by My words and not the underlying conditions. Make every negative thought a positive and turn these problems around. Take authority over every bad thought and beam with confidence that everything will be very good!


What is on the inside will flow out, so be very guarded about what you imagine and think about. There is power in My promise for you to achieve every desire and more. Surrender to My promises and keep them lifted above every fearful emotion. Bury the memories of the past pain and do not think about these again. 


Trust Me when I say that a new day has dawned. I am doing things now that are greater than you ever endeavored to hope. You are joined to Me and I have given you the guidance of My thoughts and purposes. 


As you are willing to believe, so shall it be. I will meet you at your faith, that is your proof of a Divine guarantee. You can go as high as you want–I dare you to dream! Ask boldly and earnestly. Boldly decide that you will no longer be without. 


Raise your expectations again and again. Believe that you have received it and it will suddenly spring out. With persistent faith, press it into your reality and decree that it has already been done. Envelop your senses as if were already fulfilled and act fearlessly that the desire is yours. Surely you will receive and your joy will be abounding and unconstrained with exuberant celebration. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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