Love Letters

Cheer for the Mistreated



A love letter from the Father.




While many are in despair and have abandoned My goodness, the beauty of your faith-filled heart has thrilled Me beyond measure. Always hopeful and looking for something good, the rare refinement of your soul encompasses Me with celebration. 


In order to reflect the high office that I have given to you, I am causing everlasting beauty to pour out into tangible blessings–that will increase day by day and spill-over. Although you were mistreated without reason, it is like nothing for Me to take you back into a place of dignity and honor. 


I am here for you! Let the past pain sail away, it will not be repeated. What I am doing for you will be beyond comparison to anything you have ever experienced. Never again will you travel with this deep-seated disappointment again. Yes, you were once abused, but now you will be raised with My triumph.  


So brush off the dust and dirt–arise My dear one to take your place of honor. With great tenderness, you will be awakened to new encounters of My affection. You are pregnant with the life-water of My promise and the luxurious prominence of your chosen position.  


Awaken to the song of My heart and embrace the sheer goodness of My intentionality. All it takes if faith and trust and you will see! Put on your royal crown and prepare yourself for the beauty feast. I want to show the whole world just how special you are to Me


Furthermore, you will be bathed with relief and satisfied with twice the comfort. I will right the wrongs as you sit back and see the wonder of My power. Erupt in your soul with joy and praise as I fill you once again with very good things. Your youth will be restored, as a rising eagle lifted up above the wind. 


Refuse to lose hope and anticipate a rapid response. I have many gifts for you hiding in plain sight. Even surprises of plentiful of riches and the captivating grace of My loveliness. This will be a time of great joy and delight, as I pick you up from the afflicted place, into a royal place of honor and affluence to match the integrity of who you truly are. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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