Love Letters

Sea of Tranquility


A love letter from the Father. 




Like an astronaut touching down on the Sea of Tranquility, I have poured out My blessing on the weary and devastated place. 


In the dark lunar mare, where the fire of affliction once burned, there is now peace and the restful security of relief. As the moonlight heralds timekeeping to the watchers of the night, expect the opposite of what you fear to be true and celebrate that you have what you hope. 


In times of feeling uncertain, trust Me to carry your troubles and have faith in what you prayed for. Change your relationship with fear. Let fear become the launching place of faith. Fear is only an illusion and what worry says is untrue. I am on your side, have not I said? Never allow those negative thoughts to get into your head.  


You can always count on Me to answer your request. The fulfillment of your prayer is your reward for trust. Just as you see the same face of the moon spinning in perfect harmony to the earth, you will always have a promise that it will be done. Confidence is your peace! Stay in the mental stillness in believing that it is yours.


There is an abundance now, even more than you expect. Like a thriving young plant, you will absorb financial rain out of the ruins and fountains bubbling up from the dry ground. I will care for all of your needs as My blessings run down your back and shoulders. 


See! All of this happening before your eyes. You are blessed with the best I have to offer–bountiful rains and blankets of dew sparkling on the grassy green blades. You will be happier than you would ever guess as you rest here with Me in the lush sea of soothing tranquil waters. 





Written by Dannette Lynn



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