Love Letters

Beautiful New


A love letter from the Father. 




Every difficulty has made you stronger and more prepared for your enormous destiny. Now, I am giving you comfort for the mourning because you are special to Me and I love you. Nothing was broken, only bruised and fresh rains of healing have started today. 



Arise after the loss of the past and embrace the beauty of your new. Let your heart not be troubled, it’s time to continue the journey that was set up for you from the Beginning. Take a new step forward and rededicate yourself to Me. My words are always true and always here with you to do the impossible.



The rest of your life begins today! What is coming–even happening now–you will love even more than you know! Discover a new adventure as we draw out the dream that has been tucked away deep inside. Let’s go back to the beginning, to the promise that I made long ago. I will give you rest and in response to your prayers– I will answer. Go ahead and get excited as we bring the fulfillment out. 



Now that the distractions are lifted, steer into a clear course, and focus on the end that you are expecting. Give Me everything that gives you worry and fear and as you are relieved of the heaviness, I will melt away your troubles. As fear is eliminated, you will rise up into fulfillment of all that you hope. Lift up your faith and I will cause things to be made out of what was not. 



Drift with total freedom and be carried by the wind of My favor and grace. I have taken you out of poverty and lifted you up into comfort and honor. As you continue to look–you will see it! Like hard mining in the desert, the concentrated gold is extracted directly from the rock. You will have a beautiful new beginning as if the disheartening memories never took place.



Blessings will flow to you, like flakes of gold entering into rivers and streams that will pour out into your life. The gravity of My promises will increase the speed of My generous deposits because the Sovereign God dwells within you to give you comfort and relief from pain. I am giving you an upgrade, let’s ascend to a higher love. There’s no looking back. You haven’t seen anything yet!





Written by Dannette Lynn





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