Love Letters

Bringer of Happiness


A love letter from the Father. 




I am here to wipe away your tears. Lay your head on My shoulders and just breathe. I will help you and comfort your needs. You are overflowing–full of My blessings. Lift up your chin beloved child and quiet the sobbing over the pain of what you fear. I am a bringer of happiness amidst the winds of worry. I am gathering you in My arms with tender hugs of loving-kindness. You have suffered more than enough and the time of weeping is over and done with.  


There are established boundaries of protection in your life. Although you can hear the fearful wind through the fence, you are still protected and the things that terrify you cannot get to you. Disconnect from the dreadful thinking and focus on the good that I will do for you. When the enemy sees that I am pleased to bless you, he will go on and not bother you again. You have favor with man and with God–and even your enemies are at peace with you. 


Inhale My promises again, like breathing the pure oxygen in My life-replenishing water. You will lack nothing and I have given you rest in the warm sun of better days. Focus on what you hope to happen and not on what you fear happening. Everything that I promised still remains true. So don’t lose your confidence in Me to come through, I will show up to manifest double comforts to you and you will see that those worries were nothing at all. Rest in My embrace as I restore your soul to a cheerful and tranquil place. 


The promises of My love are always unfailing. Instead of the worries of experiencing bad, you will enjoy blessings–even more than you have ever had! The provisions of My love will not dwindle away and I will honor your trust so that you are not humiliated. Lean on Me with confident trust and let’s watch the winds of worry blow away with your troubles. Cheer up My precious child, watch as I do wonders to restore joy to your life. 




Written by Dannette Lynn



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