Love Letters

New Feathers


A love letter from the Father.ย 



I can see that you are disappointed, but all things are not as they seem. I have not forgotten your request and all that you have lost is being replaced. Like a bird whose sheath covering has worn away to allow for the feather vanes to spread out and increase, all that you have suffered is now being reversed with more than you have prayed.ย 


Although your dream may seem dim beside the taunts of dispossession–look again! I am sending a gift of double comfort to make up for your pain and discomfort. There will be twice as many blessings and twice the beauty. Every empty place will be raised and I will restore all that the devourer has eaten away.ย 


New feathers are already starting to appear to push the aging ones away. I am making you new–brand new! Your youth will be renewed, like a molting bird growing splendid new plume and your wealth will be restored with twice more than you asked Me for!ย 


Close your eyes, dear one, and see it in your heart first before it is revealed. Donโ€™t be afraid, there will be no disappointment for you. The time of want is over and you will enjoy more than your fill. Expect and hope in Me to satisfy your necessities with plentiful things.ย 


I always told you that I would do far more than you have ever thought or hoped for. You will shake your head in wonder and be beyond happy. Like a bird weeping over a grim depletion, in the same empty rows of lost feathers, prepare to sob happy tears at the new-beautiful restoration that suddenly appears.ย 





Written by Dannette Lynn





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